Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5568

  This made Charlie wade feel that Lin Wan’er was not lying.

  What’s more, when he gave Lin Wan’er a psychological suggestion today, he used more aura. Charlie wade was confident that with such a powerful aura, a person like Lin Wan’er, who had no aura to speak of, would never have any chance to evade his psychological suggestion.

  At this point, Charlie wade’s suspicion of Lin Wan’er had basically been dispelled by eight or nine out of ten.

  However, even though Charlie wade believed that Lin Wan’er did not know his true identity, he kept his brows furrowed.

  Although he now basically believed that Lin Wan’er’s appearance in Aurous Hill was just a coincidence, he was still vaguely worried in his heart.

  The last time Charlie wade had seen Lin Wan’er, the Broken Qing Society was hunting her.

  Now that she had come to Aurous Hill, if the Broken Qing Society got a clue related to her, then they would definitely learn from their last experience and send their most powerful experts to Aurous Hill to catch her

  Moreover, her own grandparents had also arrived in Aurous Hill, and like Lin Wan’er, their family, too, was an important target for the Qing Breaking Society.

  If it seemed like this, the two major targets of the Qing Breaking Society were both in Aurous Hill, then the probability of the Qing Breaking Society touching Aurous Hill next increased greatly.

  Considering that the current Qing Breaking Society, almost all of them, had gone silent and only the three Counts were still out there, Charlie wade was worried that a certain Earl of the Qing Breaking Society might come to Aurous Hill next.

  In Cyprus, he could ask Wan Breaking Army to ambush the close defence cannon in advance, but in Aurous Hill, he did not have this ability or this opportunity.

  If a Count of the Qing Breaking Society came to Aurous Hill, it would be better if he was only after Lin Wan’er, but if he also wanted to harm his grandparents’ family, it was still uncertain whether he would be able to keep them safe.

  If the other party really came to Aurous Hill, it would be difficult for him to know in advance before the other party sold out.

  Thinking of this, Charlie wade’s mood also became extra heavy.


  A lunch was a tasteless meal for Charlie wade.

  After the meal, after sending Claudia, Li Xiaofen and Auntie Li home, he drove his car to the riverside, found a parking space and parked it, and sat by the riverside alone for the afternoon.

  Seeing Lin Wan’er today had given Charlie wade an unprecedented sense of urgency.

  It was a feeling that a great enemy was coming.

  And he, on the other hand, had yet to find a way to deal with it.


  Charlie wade drove to Aurous Hill University.

  Although Manqiong had driven to the school, she had left her car directly at the school and had put on elaborate make-up before leaving the school.

  After the two met, Manqiong was still more or less restrained because of the sudden exposure today.

  Charlie wade asked her, “Miss Manqiong, what would you like to eat in the evening?”

  Manqiong said, “Something casual, lighter is best, after coming to Aurous Hill the meals have been heavy on spices and salt, more or less not used to it ……”

  Charlie wade thought about it and said casually, “If you want to eat lighter, then go for Hong Kong style?”

  ”Or don’t.” Manqiong laughed bitterly, “I’ve tried all the Hong Kong-style restaurants in Aurous Hill, and they’re still not quite authentic.”

  Charlie wade laughed, “That’s the downside of Chinese food, it’s hard to get the taste guaranteed, those that can unify the taste are also basically cooking kits and pre-made dishes.”

  Thinking of this, he said, “Why don’t we go to Japanese food, as long as the ingredients are fresh, the taste should not be too different.”

  Without thinking, Manqiong said, “Okay, I’ll do as you say.”

  So, Charlie wade drove Manqiong to the entrance of a Japanese restaurant.

  When he pushed the door in, the bell hanging on the door made a clear tinkling sound due to vibration, causing Charlie wade to freeze on the spot for a moment.

  To the current situation, his heart suddenly floated a way to deal with it ……

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  1. Charlie’s reasoning wasn’t good enough, it was very clear that there was a weakness in lin wan er’s defense, like how could she believe in charlie so much that she talked everything about her ultimate secret that was supposed to be hidden, this became very suspicious


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