Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5567

Charlie wade had already asked about Manqiong’s recent situation by chance from Lin Wan’er’s mouth just now, but when Manqiong said it herself, he still asked in mock surprise, “When did you come to work at Aurous Hill University?”

  Manqiong could only explain truthfully: “That …… Aurous Hill University has a young talent introduction program, I tried to apply for it, then I was invited over for an interview, and then I passed the interview …… “

  Manqiong’s tone was apprehensive, like a small child who had been found out by her parents for doing something wrong.

  Charlie wade knew that the odds were that she came to Aurous Hill because of herself.

  Just, at this kind of time, he could only play dumb, so he subconsciously said, “Although Aurous Hill University is not as good as Hong Kong Island University, but the overall is still very good,”

  Manqiong gently nodded and looked at Charlie wade, stuttering, “I …… I also think it’s quite good …… “

  Lin Wan’er at the side seemed to have just come back to her senses, and while rubbing her head, she opened her mouth in surprise and asked, “Sister Manqiong, you know this gentleman?”

  Manqiong hurriedly said, “I know …… us as friends ……”

  Lin Wan’er said in surprise, “That’s quite a coincidence!”

  Manqiong nodded her head slightly and said awkwardly, “Yes …… it is quite a coincidence ……”

  Lin Wan’er looked towards Charlie wade and said to him, “Hello, my name is Lin Wan’er, I don’t know what your name is yet?”

  Charlie wade said indifferently, “My surname is Wad, and my single name is the word Charlie.”

  Lin Wan’er smiled and said, “Hello brother Charlie wade.”

  Charlie wade smiled slightly as a return greeting, but in his heart he couldn’t help but sigh in disbelief, “It seems that Lin Wan’er shouldn’t remember me.”

  However, Charlie wade knew that with Manqiong here, he could not continue to ask Lin Wan’er, so he said, “Oh yes, my sister and the girls are still waiting for me, I will go over first, see what time is convenient for you, I will treat you to a meal.”

  Manqiong was suddenly exposed, her heart was blushing and rushed, but hearing Charlie wade say he wanted to invite himself to dinner, he still agreed without thinking and said, “I’m fine for the next few nights.”

  Charlie wade then said, “Why not choose a day, why not just today? What time do you get off work tonight?”

  Manqiong said, “Around six o’clock.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade nodded and said, “Then I’ll pick you up at six o’clock?”

  Although Manqiong was driving, she still nodded and said, “Good, then I’ll wait for you at the entrance and we’ll contact each other by phone.”

  Charlie wade knew that with Manqiong here, there was no way he could continue to test Lin Wan’er, so he spoke, “Then it’s settled, you two talk first, I’m leaving.”

  After bidding farewell to Manqiong, Charlie wade left the dormitory building and the first thing he did was to call Isaac Cameron.

  Although at this moment, Isaac Caneron was still at the Champs-Elysées Spa, worrying about how to achieve an inside peek, when he received Charlie wade’s call, he immediately retreated from the practice area without moving, and went to an unoccupied room before picking up the phone and saying respectfully, “Young master!”

  Charlie wade got straight to the point and spoke, “Old Cameron, help me check the entry records of a Malaysian tycoon, Qiu Ying Shan, and when you do, check the information of all the people who entered the country with him.”

  Isaac Caneron immediately said, “Yes young master, wait a moment, I’ll have someone check it out.”

  A few minutes later, Isaac Caneron sent a form to Charlie wade.

  In it, there was the time of Qiu Ying Shan’s entry into the country, as well as information on all the people who came to Aurous Hill from Malaysia with him and went through the entry formalities.

  Among them, there was the name Lin Xiaowan.

  Moreover, it had been some time since they entered the country.

  It seemed that Lin Wan Er had not lied to herself, she had indeed followed Qiu Ying Shan to Aurous Hill.

  Moreover, Qiu Ying Shan already had properties and roots in Aurous Hill, and Aurous Hill University had indeed received favours from him, so it was only logical that Qiu Ying Shan had arranged for her to come to Aurous Hill University when Lin Wan’er wanted to stay hidden in the university.

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