Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5565


  Charlie wade froze as he listened and said, “How can it be such a coincidence that there’s a female teacher named Manqiong?”

  In the next second, he secretly thought, “It should just be a rename with the Manqiong I know, right?”

  However, once he thought that he could actually meet Lin Wan’er here again, it seemed like nothing impossible if the Manqiong he knew had also arrived at Aurous Hill University ……

  So, he asked one more question, “This Manqiong you speak of, where is she from?”

  Lin Wan’er answered truthfully, “It’s from Hong Kong Island, her father is Liu Jiahui, a famous rich businessman from Hong Kong Island.”

  ”Hiss ……,” Charlie wade drew a breath backwards.

  In his mind, he thought, “How did Manqiong come to work as a lecturer at Aurous Hill University?! Why would she, a top rich second generation from Hong Kong Island, come to Aurous Hill University to be a lecturer? And why didn’t she say hello to me when she came to Aurous Hill?”

  Thinking that Lin Wan’er had even met Manqiong and had gone to Tangchen Yipin to pick her up, she asked again, “You just said that you went to Tangchen Yipin to pick up Manqiong, and that Manqiong lives in Tangchen Yipin?”

  ”Yes.” Lin Wan’er said exactly, “She bought a house in Tangchen Yipin.”

  Charlie wade subconsciously rubbed his temples, he and Manqiong were at least considered friends, this woman had come to teach at Aurous Hill University without saying a word, she didn’t know what she was planning?

  The point is, how could she be related to Lin Wan’er again?

  However, Charlie wade did not dwell too much on the issue of Manqiong at the moment.

  At this moment, he was already half convinced by Lin Wan’er’s answer in his heart.

  This could not be blamed on Charlie wade’s big heart, mainly because Lin Wan’er’s answer did not sound flawed.

  According to Lin Wan’er, she had come to Aurous Hill because she was related to Qiu Ying Shan, and Qiu Ying Shan had indeed been the biggest donor to Aurous Hill University many years ago, which was an established fact many years ago, and Lin Wan’er definitely could not change it.

  What’s more, Charlie wade felt that he had not left any information for Lin Wan’er in Northern Europe either, the only information left was his name and that was all. Even if Lin Wan’er had indeed not had her memory erased by herself in Northern Europe that day, it would be difficult for her to find herself in such a short period of time with just her name as a clue, after all, her identity was originally encrypted

  Apart from that, the two times the ring jumped, Lin Wan’er’s answer was also very reasonable.

  The first time the ring jumped, Charlie wade happened to be leaving Aurous Hill University with Claudia, when the ring jumped on the road, although Charlie wade saw the oncoming car in the opposite direction, he did not pay attention to who was sitting in the car, so now it seems that Lin Wan’er was in the car at that time, and that Lin Wan’er must have come to check in for admission at that time, just like Claudia;

  When he came to the school, there was also a small incident when he came to the school. thought of Qiu Ying Shan’s identity.

  Since Aurous Hill University had put up a banner a long time ago, it proved that Lin Wan’er had indeed asked Qiu Yingshan to come out and settle the admissions for Claudia before she herself came to Aurous Hill University to give her admissions.

  In addition to that, when she was enrolling Claudia, she did not personally contact the admissions office of Aurous Hill University, but had Isaac Caneron do it on her behalf, so no one knew she was coming until she arrived at Aurous Hill University, from which it can also be deduced that Lin Wan’er came to Aurous Hill University, and in no way did she appear only because she came.

  Therefore, from this, it could be judged that Lin Wan’er must have made plans to come to study at Aurous Hill University a long time ago, and her encounter with herself was just a coincidence.

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