Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5563

From the moment Charlie wade went out and left, Lin Wan’er had expected that Charlie wade would definitely turn back.

  Therefore, she didn’t let up for a moment and was pretending to be calm as she packed her personal belongings.

  When Charlie wade returned to the door of his dormitory, the door of the room was still open, he pushed it straight in and said in a cold voice, “Lin Wan’er, what exactly is the purpose of your coming to Aurous Hill?”

  The sudden questioning startled Lin Wan’er, who was packing her things.

  But this startled action was something she had rehearsed countless times.

  At this moment, very opportune she exclaimed, turning back to look at Charlie wade, nervously, and yet guardedly questioned, “What exactly are you …… you?!”

  Charlie wade sneered and asked her, “It’s a bit too fake to ask what I am after coming here, isn’t it?”

  Lin Wan’er acted even more terrified, she couldn’t help but take a step back and said nervously, “You …… who exactly are you …… how do you know the three words Lin Wan’er… …”

  Charlie wade hummed and laughed: “What? Still pretending, huh? Come, let me show you something!”

  Saying that, he took out the ring from his pocket, which had started jumping again.

  And Lin Wan’er very much cooperated by making an even more surprised expression and asked offhandedly, “How did you get this ring?! Quickly give it back to me!”

  She then rushed up fiercely and tried to snatch the key away from Charlie wade’s hand.

  Charlie wade frowned, based on Lin Wan’er’s behaviour, it seemed that this girl really did not remember herself, nor did she remember that she had met her, that she had saved her, or that she had taken the initiative to give this ring to herself.

  However, Charlie wade did not dare to jump to conclusions, so he held the ring up high and said in a cold voice, “You gave me this ring with your own hands, do you not want to admit it or do you really not remember it?”

  ”Impossible!” Lin Wan’er spoke in a very angry tone and blurted out, “This ring is a relic left to me by my father! I’ve always held it dear to my heart, there’s no way I would ever give it to you! You must have stolen it from me! Tell me! Are you a member of the Qing Breaking Society or not!”

  When Charlie wade heard her mention the words Qing Breaking Society straight away, his heart became even more puzzled.

  He was also a little confused as to whether this girl’s series of performances were pretend or real.

  So, he once again punched a strand of aura into Lin Wan’er’s brain, and this time he used far more aura than usual!

  Lin Wan’er felt a burst of spiritual qi enter her spiritual sea, but her mind did not receive the influence of this spiritual qi at all, yet she remained very cooperative and quiet, looking at Charlie wade with two vacant eyes.

  Charlie wade felt that since he had used more aura this time, he thought it should be foolproof, so he opened his mouth and asked, “Do you still remember who I am or not?”

  Lin Wan’er shook her head.

  Charlie wade asked again, “Have you not seen me before?”

  Lin Wan’er mumbled, “No, I haven’t.”

  Charlie wade asked again, “Do you still remember the incident where you were nearly killed in Northern Europe?”

  Lin Wan’er nodded, “I remember part of it.”

  Charlie wade said, “Tell me about it!”

  Lin Wan’er said very cooperatively, “I only remember what happened in Northern Europe, I packed my things and prepared to leave, but immediately afterwards my memory was missing, I didn’t know why I had passed out, and when I woke up again, the majority of people around me had been killed, and the ring that my father had given me. There was no trace of it either.”

  Charlie wade asked again, “Why did you come to Aurous Hill to study at university in a dignified manner when you knew that the Broken Qing Society was after you?”

  Lin Wan’er said with a wooden expression, “Always hiding in the east is not the way to go, they thought I would hide again, and the more remote I was, the more remote I was, I just had to go to the most crowded place to live in a different identity, I thought it was not only a great hiding place, but also a surprise, that’s why I chose to come to China.”

  Charlie wade’s brows knitted together and asked again, “Why did you choose to come to Aurous Hill? Why Aurous Hill University?”

  Lin Wan’er was unfazed by the change and answered one by one, “The reason I came to Aurous Hill was because my grandfather, who had some connections in Aurous Hill, could help me arrange to enter Aurous Hill University.”

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