Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5562

  So, even after being stared at by Charlie wade like this, she remained calm and collected, and always had a polite and reserved smile on her face.

  Claudia was surprised at this point and asked, “You’re also in the archaeology department?”

  ”Yes!” Lin Wan’er nodded and asked curiously, “You are too?”

  Claudia nodded and said, “I am ……”

  Lin Wan’er smiled, “What a coincidence then! We’re both international students, both speak Chinese, and we’re both in the archaeology department!”

  Claudia also found it very unbelievable and said seriously, “They said there weren’t even many applicants in the archaeology department, especially not many girls, and I was prepared for me to be the only girl in this year’s freshmen class, but I didn’t expect to meet a female student of the same major!”

  Li Xiaofen said with a smile, “What’s more, you two have been assigned to the same dormitory, it’s so lucky!”

  ”Yes!” Auntie Li also said with a smile, “In that case, you two are really destined for each other!”

  Only then did Claudia remember to introduce herself to Lin Wan’er, “Hello, my name is Claudia, Claudia DiNorscio, a Canadian of mixed Chinese and Italian descent.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and extended her hand to shake hers, smiling, “I’m Malaysian Chinese, from now on we’ll all be classmates in the same dormitory, you can just call me Xiao Wan.”

  Li Xiaofen, who was always enthusiastic, saw Lin Wan’er coming alone and couldn’t help but ask, “Xiao Wan, you came from Malaysia alone to enroll in Aurous Hill?”

  Lin Wan’er shook her head and said, “My grandfather also accompanied me to Aurous Hill, but after all, he is too old, so I didn’t ask him to accompany me here.”

  Li Xiaofen said, “We are going to have lunch in the canteen at noon, so we can try the taste of the canteen cooking.

  Lin Wan’er politely declined, “Thank you, but I have to go home at noon, my grandparents are waiting for me at home in Aurous Hill, let’s eat together later when we have the chance, after all, we have to stay at Aurous Hill University for four more years.”

  Li Xiaofen nodded and smiled, “OK, you can also come to the house for dinner with Claudia when you have the chance in the future.”

  ”Good!” Lin Wan’er nodded and said with a smile, “I’ll definitely pay a visit when I have the chance in the future!”

  Charlie wade stood by the side and didn’t say anything from the beginning to the end, his eyes kept sizing up Lin Wan’er, but strangely enough, he couldn’t see anything unnatural about Lin Wan’er and never looked towards himself, looking as if he really didn’t know himself.

  The ring in his pocket was still beating, it seemed to be very excited about Lin Wan’er’s appearance, which made Charlie wade suddenly think in his heart: “The ring should have sensed Lin Wan’er, that’s why it was beating like this …… The ring had also beaten twice before at Aurous Hill University and also at Townsend One, could it be that Both times were because Lin Wan’er was nearby? Could it be that she’s been spying on me?”

  Thinking of this, Charlie wade’s heart became even more alert, and he felt that he must find a chance to find out what was going on with this Lin Wan’er.

  At this moment, Claudia, Li Xiaofen and Auntie Li, were all saying goodbye to Lin Wan’er and preparing to leave the dormitory for the canteen.

  Charlie wade pushed down the doubts in his heart for the time being and left the dormitory together with the three of them.

  As they walked downstairs, the ring in Charlie wade’s pocket gradually regained its calmness, while Li Xiaofen couldn’t help but sigh at this time, “That Lin Xiaowan, she’s too pretty, isn’t she? I’ve never seen such a beautiful Asian woman before ……”

  ”Yes ……” Claudia also said with great agreement, “Such a beautiful girl is indeed very rare.”

  Li Xiaofen asked Charlie wade, “Brother Charlie wade, what do you think?”

  In his heart, Charlie wade had been thinking about how he should seek to prove whether Lin Wan’er was deliberately approaching him or not.

  So, he pretended to suddenly think of something and blurted out, “Oh no, I so think I left my car keys in Claudia’s dormitory, you guys go to the canteen first, I’ll go back and look for them!”

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