Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5561

With just one glance, Charlie wade recognised Lin Wan’er!

  Even though Charlie wade had only seen her once, and even though Lin Wan’er had changed her dress and style, Charlie wade still recognised her at once.

  This was because for such a long time, Lin Wan’er’s shadow had been eddying in his mind.

  Charlie wade had never had such a strong memory of any woman he had only met once, and Lin Wan’er was the first.

  Although Lin Wan’er’s appearance was so stunning that one doubted its authenticity, that was really not the reason why Charlie wade could remember her.

  The reason why Charlie wade could remember her was because, at one point, Charlie wade regretted very much that he had not properly asked Lin Wan’er about everything about her origin with the Broken Clear Society and everything she knew about the Broken Clear Society back in Northern Europe.

  Apart from that, there was another reason why Charlie wade couldn’t stop thinking about Lin Wan’er, and that was the ring that was beating wildly in his pocket!

  Whenever he was snared by that ring to take away a large amount of spiritual energy, Charlie wade’s heart would uncontrollably think of Lin Wan’er.

  And whenever that pitiful ring was bouncing around in his pocket, he would also subconsciously think of Lin Wan’er.

  However, he had never thought that he would ever see Lin Wan’er again!

  Moreover, he had never dreamed that Lin Wan’er, who should have fled for her life, would come to Aurous Hill! She had suddenly appeared at the door of Claudia’s bedroom!

  It was also at this instant that, apart from being appalled and bewildered, Charlie wade’s heart also suddenly became alert!

  He couldn’t help but wonder if the reason why Lin Wan’er had appeared here could be, that she was running towards himself!

  If that was the case, then it meant that when he had used his aura to do psychological hints on her that day, it hadn’t had an effect!

  Otherwise, how could a girl whose memory had been erased by herself before she parted ways in Northern Europe suddenly appear in Aurous Hill, ten thousand miles away, and in front of herself at the same time, without remembering herself at all?

  Although Lin Wan’er could not see any ripples on the surface at this moment, her heart was also extremely nervous.

  She knew that as long as she appeared in front of Charlie wade, Charlie wade would definitely suspect herself. In order not to reveal any flaws, she used her acting skills that she had rehearsed countless times and smiled again and asked, “May I ask if this is dormitory 301?”

  Before Charlie wade could say anything, Li Xiaofen at the side already said with great enthusiasm, “That’s right, this is dormitory 301, it’s written on the door, do you live in this dormitory too?”

  Lin Wan’er didn’t look at Charlie wade again, but looked at Li Xiaofen and smiled coyly, “I did see the door number of the dormitory, but I just saw that there were more people inside, so I wanted to double check.” The Corner

  Li Xiaofen hurriedly asked her, “Then you must be the classmate in bed 02, right?”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and asked her, “So are you the roommate of bed 01?”

  ”I’m not.” Li Xiaofen waved her hand and pointed at Claudia, who was with Auntie Li, and said, “This is a classmate from bed 01.”

  After saying that, she looked at Claudia and said with a smile, “Claudia, your new roommate is here!”

  When Lin Wan’er saw Claudia, she gave her a friendly nod and said with a smile, “Hello, my name is Lin Xiaowan, a new student in the archaeology department, we’ll be roommates from now on!”

  When Charlie wade heard this, his eyes narrowed slightly, he knew that Lin Wan’er was lying at this moment, so his gaze was like a torch as he surveyed Lin Wan’er, trying to see certain subtle changes in her from her expression.

  Lin Wan’er had guiltily anticipated that whether she met Charlie wade directly today, or whether she met Claudia first today, and then met Charlie wade through Claudia in the future, as long as she introduced herself in front of Charlie wade, this would definitely happen, so from the moment she decided to come to study at Aurous Hill University, she had been practicing in the mirror, practicing her determination to have a flawless expression when lying.

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