Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5560

  Charlie wade, on the other hand, had already accompanied Claudia to her dormitory together with Auntie Li and the girls.

  As it was the first day of the new students, the dormitory hosts did not stop men from entering the girls’ dormitory, so the four of them went all the way to the 301 dormitory on the third floor, and as soon as they opened the door, Li Xiaofen could not help but exclaim, “Damn, the environment of this dormitory is too good, isn’t it?”

  This dormitory, with an actual area of over fifty square feet, only had two double-decker desk beds, with the bed on the top layer and the desk on the bottom layer.

  Apart from that, there were two sets of combination wardrobes with combination locks and a separate bathroom where one could take a shower, which was indeed a much better environment than other ordinary student dormitories in Aurous Hill University.

  She looked around the room and asked curiously, “Sister Fanny, shouldn’t all school dormitories look like this? This kind of environment is just moderate, not very good, right? There isn’t even a living room.”

  In Claudia’s perception, university dormitories in Canada and the United States had to start with a minimum of double rooms, and in some schools, they even looked like shared suites, with four people each having a separate room, as well as a common living room and kitchen.

  So, this ordinary double room in front of her really seemed mediocre to Claudia.

  Li Xiaofen did not know what kind of living standard it was to study in university in Canada, and hearing Claudia say that there was no living room in the dormitory, her jaw dropped as she asked, “What do you need a living room for in a dormitory?”

  Charlie wade smiled and reminded, “Fanny, Claudia grew up in Canada, there are definitely many differences between schools in the two countries, not to mention that Canada is vast and sparsely populated, so there is naturally much more resources per capita, so there is naturally no need to make the school dormitory into four, six or even eight rooms.”

  Li Xiaofen smiled and said, “I remembered that when we were in the orphanage, there were a dozen children and their aunts, all living in one room, and the rooms were all big bunk beds, and everyone only had their own set of small quilts and pillows. So when I saw this kind of two-room dormitory, I thought it was a great environment.”

  Auntie Li said, “Let’s stop chatting and help Claudia make her bed, and see what else is missing, so we can go to the supermarket later.”

  Claudia said, “Auntie Li, I’ll do it myself!”

  Auntie Li laughed, “Of course, parents do this kind of thing for you.”

  With that, she stepped forward and helped Claudia unpack the entire packet of new bedding, and together with Li Xiaofen, skilfully laid it on Claudia’s bed.

  Once the bed was properly made, Auntie Li asked the three of them, “Should we find a place to eat first or buy something first?”

  Charlie wade thought about it and said, “Let’s try the school canteen at noon to see if Claudia can eat here, and then go to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities after we eat.”

  As he said that, Charlie wade suddenly felt, in the pocket of his trousers, a violent jump.

  He realised that it was the ring that was beating again, and that this was the third time the ring was beating, and he was surprised when he felt that the ring suddenly jumped even more violently!

  In the past, the ring had only throbbed once or twice, and then quickly returned to calm.

  When Charlie wade reached out to cover it through his trouser pocket, he could feel it pounding continuously in his hand.

  Just when he was puzzled, suddenly a somewhat familiar voice came, “Hello, is this the 301 dormitory?”

  Charlie wade felt that this voice was somewhat familiar and subconsciously turned around to look. When he saw the appearance of the person who came, his eyes instantly widened and he was frozen on the spot!

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