Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5559

Although there were many students reporting to the school today, Claudia’s appearance caused quite a stir and commotion.

  Not only was Claudia beautiful and well-built, but she also had an exotic, mixed-race face that made people salute her everywhere she went.

  Many of the boys even thought that this girl, who was also a freshman, might become a candidate for the new school flower of Aurous Hill University.

  Claudia also didn’t expect that her new arrival at Aurous Hill University would spark so much attention, but, on the one hand, Claudia wasn’t interested in the boys around her who were peeping at her obsessively, and on the other hand, she didn’t feel any special pressure.

  Her experience is much richer and more tragic than that of her peers, the pain of the death of a loved one and the humiliation she endured in order to avenge her own death, and even the final killing of her enemy, do not put her in the same league as these 18 and 9 year olds.

  In her opinion, these young boys, who can’t control their eyes or manage their expressions because of their looks, are almost always immature children.

  As Claudia was an international student, the registration process, which was done at the window reserved for international students, took only ten minutes to complete all the registration work.

  The staff member in charge of registration then handed Claudia a set of access cards and keys, while saying to her, “Student, your dorm room is in bed 01 in 301 of the girls’ wing of the international student building, the room is a double room, all the bedding has been put in the dorm room in advance, you can go over and pack it up first, and you can check in directly with the hostel manager today. “

  Claudia took the key, nodded her head and said thank you, then she went with Charlie wade and the others, to the international student dormitory building.

  At this time, Lin Wan’er, who was just stuck in time, arrived at Aurous Hill University by car, accompanied by Sister Xian.

  She wore an oversize American sports t-shirt, a pair of slim leggings and the latest Nike Jordan shoes, and her shoulder-length hair was tied up in a ponytail.

  The boys of Aurous Hill University were getting excited about Claudia’s arrival, but to their surprise, before that excitement had passed, they were welcomed by an even more outstanding girl.

  Lin Wan’er’s face, without fail, represented the highest standard of aesthetic beauty for oriental men for oriental women, and was an absolute goddess to the vast majority of boys, so when she appeared at Aurous Hill University, it instantly caused an even bigger stir.

  With the appearance of two stunning beauties in one go, the boys of Aurous Hill University almost popped their crowns and hugged each other in celebration.

  Like Claudia, she did not take the boys’ awe and stares into her eyes. All she could think about was whether her decision to come to Aurous Hill University was right or wrong.

  In the past, she had been hiding in order not to be found by the Broken Qing Society, and even when she went out, she would always disguise herself very well.

  And Lin Wan’er had carefully considered this issue before she came. Coming to Aurous Hill University would inevitably increase her exposure, and the more exposure she had, the greater theoretically the possibility of exposure.

  But, as the ancients used to say, the great hidden in the city.

  There are times when going the opposite way can only reap a miraculous effect.

  Without Charlie wade’s help, he would not have the ability to seek revenge from the Broken Qing Society, so at the moment, in order to get close to Charlie wade, he could only take a risk and try.

  Since Lin Wan’er’s current status was also that of a foreign student, the formalities only took ten minutes.

  Once she got the access card and key for bed number 2 in room 301, she went to the international student dormitory building with Sister Xian.

  On the way to the dormitory building, Lin Wan’er was still thinking, wondering if she would have the chance to meet Charlie wade today or not.

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