Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5558

  Saying that, she said in a rush, “Go! Let’s hurry downstairs and tell Chong Qiu and the others the good news!”

  At this moment, in the dining room on the ground floor, An Chongqiu was eating while saying to Li Yalin, “Yalin, yesterday’s video has been edited and synthesized according to normal time, how much of yesterday’s events do you think the old man can still remember today?”

  Li Yalin said with a smile, “I think that at least the things that are slightly more tangible, Master should be able to remember them all!”

  Li Yalin had immense trust in Charlie wade, and thought that Charlie wade must have moved something in this house.


  At the same time, Charlie wade drove to Auntie Li’s home as promised, ready to accompany Claudia to report to Aurous Hill University.

  Claudia had already prepared her documents and acceptance letter at this time, and was ready to go to Aurous Hill University.

  Although Claudia was outwardly calm about her upcoming university life, she was inevitably looking forward to it.

  After all, university life is a dream that most young people have been looking forward to since they were teenagers.

  At the same time, Lin Wan’er of Zijinshan Village was also full of anticipation.

  What she was looking forward to, however, was not university life at all; what she was looking forward to was the moment she would meet Charlie wade.

  Lin Wan’er had been preparing for this moment for a long time, and had rehearsed it in her mind for a long time.

  She had also prepared her documents and acceptance letter, and had asked Sister Xian to drive her to the car park of a shopping mall near Aurous Hill University to wait.

  It was almost a ten-minute drive from Aurous Hill University, and Lin Wan’er’s plan was to have Sister Xian drive her there as soon as Claudia arrived to complete her registration.

  After checking the information, the university would register the students, apply for their student cards and campus cards, and inform them of their classes, including their class numbers, classroom addresses and tutors’ names.

  In addition, the school will also inform the new students of their dormitory building number and give them the dormitory key, after which they can go to their dormitories to pack their beds.

  Considering that Charlie wade would be very, very shocked when he saw her, and would probably have to find a way to make sure she really remembered him, Lin Wan’er decided to wait until Claudia had finished the check-in process and was on her way to her dormitory before she went to check-in.

  This way, she could avoid meeting Charlie wade in a public place, and would meet him again in the relative privacy of her dormitory.

  However, Lin Wan’er was not sure if Charlie wade would show up today.

  But according to Lin Wan’er’s speculation, if Charlie wade accompanied Claudia to check-in, then the odds were that he would also accompany Claudia to the dormitory, and since the girls’ dormitory had not yet started to be occupied by new students, male parents and escorts would definitely not be rejected, so when she arrived at the dormitory one step behind Claudia, Charlie wade should also be there.

  If Charlie wade didn’t accompany Claudia to school today to report, Lin Wan’er wasn’t worried.

  After all, she had already greeted the school authorities in advance and placed herself in the same dormitory as Claudia. Even if she couldn’t meet Charlie wade today, she could still find an opportunity to meet him by getting on good terms with Claudia!

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