Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5556

  Seeing how sad the atmosphere was, Charlie wade spoke up and said, “Mr. Ito doesn’t need to make the conversation so heavy, Nana-chan’s future is long, and your future won’t be short either.”

  After saying that, he lifted his glass and said aloud, “Why don’t we make a little pact between you and me, what do you think?”

  Curious, Ito Yohiko asked, “Mr. Wade, what pact would you like to make with me?”

  Charlie wade did not answer his question, but smiled and asked, “I like that mansion of yours in Kyoto, it looks like it must be quite old, right?”

  Ito Yohiko nodded, “To be exact, it should be nearly three hundred years old.”

  Charlie wade smiled faintly and said with a smile, “For your hundredth birthday, let’s have it there then, I will definitely go over to support you on that day, and you should prepare the deed to that mansion and give me that mansion then.”

  Ito Yohiko subconsciously said, “Mr. Wade, if you want that mansion, I can give it to you now, why wait until my hundredth birthday, not to mention, I don’t dare to imagine that I can really live to be a hundred ……”

  He suddenly froze on the spot like he had been struck by lightning as he said.

  He looked at Charlie wade with unblinking eyes, and when he saw Charlie wade smiling without saying anything, he suddenly came back to his senses and fiercely knelt down on the ground, choking on a sob, “Thank you, Mr. Wade, for making this possible ……”

  Ito Nana-chan also heard the meaning of Charlie wade’s words and hurriedly followed her father and knelt down, saying with immense gratitude, “Thank you Charlie wade-kun for making it possible!”

  Charlie wade did not bother to help the two, but looked at Ito Nana-chan and said solemnly, “Nana-chan, from today onwards, study martial arts without any distractions, I can assure you that in fifty years’ time, Ito-san will not be any different from now, except that he will be one hundred years old!”

  Although it is difficult for a rejuvenator to live to two hundred years old, a hundred and fifty years old is still no problem.

  He felt that, for the sake of Nanaeko and to show his appreciation of Ito Yohiko as a father, he also wanted to make Ito Yohiko live as long as possible.

  Isn’t it just a rejuvenation pill? If one is not enough, then two, if two are not enough, then three.

  What’s more, now that he already had the Tai Zhen Dao pill censer, if he were to make an enhanced version of the Spring Return Pill, it might only take two for Ito Yuuhiko to live to be a hundred and fifty.

  Ito Yohiko originally thought that it was already a great gift for Charlie wade to keep himself alive until he was a hundred years old, but now after hearing Charlie wade’s words, he realised that Charlie wade was not just going to keep himself alive until he was a hundred years old, but to keep himself in his current state until he was a hundred years old.

  He was only fifty now, and his body was still healthy and hard after Charlie wade’s previous help and the remodelling of the Remodelling Pill, so without accident, he should not be able to live for another thirty years.

  If he was still in this state when he was a hundred, wouldn’t that mean that he would be able to live until he was a hundred and thirty or even longer?

  When he thought of this, Ito Yohiko was so excited that his body trembled and trembled, and his arms were propped up on the ground, shaking violently like he was electrocuted, unable to exert any strength at all!

  He knew that this kindness from Charlie wade could no longer be measured in material or monetary terms.

  Nana-chan was also grateful and followed her father in bowing three times to Charlie wade.

  Charlie wade didn’t stop him, he knew that if he didn’t let this father and daughter perform this great salute, they wouldn’t even be able to sleep.

  Although Eimi Ito and Koichi Tanaka were dumbfounded, they also knelt behind them silently and bowed silently.

  After the four of them had bowed three times, Charlie wade helped the father and daughter up and smiled blandly, “All right, I’m here to eat, it’s not appropriate to toss and turn for half a day without a bite, is it?”

  Ito Yohiko hastily wiped away his tears and said in a panic, “Dinner and dinner! Mr. Wade, your treat!”

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