Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5555

At this moment, Charlie wade’s heart could not help but sigh with emotion.

  In his opinion, Ito Yohiko was indeed thinking of his daughter in every way, and had done quite an excellent job, in this role of a father.

  In Charlie wade’s heart, he naturally had other feelings for Nana-chan, and now it seemed that with Nana-chan’s talent, it was highly likely that she would go extremely far in the martial arts path.

  He had an intuition, as if the Dark Realm, the Realm of Transformation, and the Realm of Patriarchs would not seem to be the end of Nana-chan.

  If that was the case, then I was afraid that Nana-chan would have hundreds of years, or even more than two hundred years, left in the rest of her life.

  Once she broke through from the Sovereign Realm, then she might be able to master the aura like himself.

  And once she mastered her aura, it was highly likely that she would live for five hundred years, or even longer, just like that senior Meng.

  If this path is really so long, how can one let her walk alone?

  Thinking of this, he also stood up, took the glass from Ito Yohiko’s hand with both hands and said firmly, “Please don’t worry, Mr. Ito, I promise you that no matter how long this road is, I will always accompany Nana-chan to the end!”

  Ito Yohiko still bowed humbly, but the tears were already dripping uncontrollably to the ground.

  It was also at this moment that he suddenly understood that there was actually no need to dwell on whether Charlie wade would become his son-in-law or not, once his daughter had really gone the same way as him, what mattered such things as whether or not she was married to him in the long years?

  So, he quietly passed away his tears, stood up, looked at Charlie wade and said gratefully, “Thank you! Thank you, Mr. Wade, for making this possible!”

  To Ito Yohiko, entrusting Nanaiko to Charlie wade at this time was like a father entrusting his daughter to the groom during a wedding.

  No matter how long Nana-chan’s future path in life would be, he hoped that Charlie wade would always be there for her.

  At least, not to let her go on alone.

  As long as Charlie wade could promise this, what was anything else in a life path that could potentially last a century or two or even longer.

  Even if she were to give away all the Ito family’s assets, let alone get married, what would it matter? Money is something that you don’t bring with you in life or in death.

  Nana-chan, on the other side of the table, had already sobbed uncontrollably.

  It was only suddenly that she realised that by entering the martial arts world, she had taken her life in a new direction.

  Once she aimed at this new direction, everything she had planned for the future in the previous twenty years would be changed forever.

  So far, a new way of living.

  Looking at her father’s red eyes, she suddenly felt a little reluctant to leave him.

  She choked up as she thought this, “Odo-san …… Nana-chan doesn’t want to make martial arts her main business …… I want to spend more time with you, and I want to run the Ito Group well… …”

  Ito Yohiko asked her rhetorically, “Nana-chan, do you know why I have been trying to run the Ito Group after your mother’s death, even though I already had an endless amount of money to spend, and yet I still kept trying my best?”

  Nana-chan shook her head gently.

  Yohiko Ito said seriously, “Before you were ten years old, I worked hard to make the rest of your life better with what I could, and after you were ten years old, I still worked hard to make the rest of your life better for your offspring as well.”

  At this point, Yohiko Ito added, “But …… as a father, is there anything that would make you happier than your own daughter living a long life, or even a long life of two hundred years? If you do live to be two hundred years old, even if Ondo-san were to die now, immediately, Ondo-san would never hesitate!”

  Nana-chan hastily said, “Odo-san, you must not say that ……”

  Ito Yohiko looked at Nana-chan and choked up, “Nana-chan, it is hard for you to understand the emotions of being a parent. If only one of you and your child can survive, most parents will choose to sacrifice themselves. If you become a mother one day, you will understand my feelings.”

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