Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5554

  Charlie wade didn’t say a word, but in his heart he couldn’t help but sigh: “To think of such a method, Nana-chan is really a martial arts wizard ……”

  After hearing this, Ito Yohiko’s expression was shocked and fascinated, and he couldn’t help but murmur, “I never dreamed that the martial arts could be so mysterious …… It’s good to be young, if I were still a young man, I would say whatever I could to give it a try!”

  Nana-chan smiled, “Odo-san, it’s never too late if you’re willing to take action!”

  ”No, no.” Ito Yohiko smiled and waved his hand, sighing, “The martial arts are too hard and the path is too long, I don’t want to be fifty years old and start hanging on to learn something new all over again, after all life is a quick few decades and at the most it’s only thirty thousand days and nights.”

  Said Ito Yohiko, shaking his head and smiling, “People, one should do specific things at specific stages, pursue oneself in one’s twenties, pursue one’s career in one’s thirties and forties, and pursue happiness in one’s fifties and sixties, and since Mr. Wade helped me to revive my legs, the rest of my life is only for happiness.”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Mr. Ito, once you enter the door of martial arts, the length of your life cannot be seen in the same light as before.”

  He said, very seriously, “Even an ordinary martial artist will have little problem living to a hundred years old, if one has enough talent and can enter the dark realm a hundred years or so is easy, if one’s cultivation can be even higher, two hundred years is not a problem, moreover, two hundred years is not the end, if one can really reach the peak, I’m afraid the life span will be even longer… …”

  When Ito Yohiko heard this, his whole body was instantly stunned, and his expression fell into a daze.

  He pursed his lips, looked at Charlie wade and then at Nana-chan, and after a moment, he suddenly filled a cup of sake in silence, and then stood up with the glass in his hand, with a grateful, melancholy and solemn expression,”Mr. Wade, it seems that Nana-chan has really embarked on a long and long road with no end in sight… She is my only child, but at my age, I am not destined to be with her for too long! Please!”

  With that, he held the wine glass with both hands in front of Charlie wade, and his whole body bowed ninety degrees, without moving a muscle.

  Nana-chan was originally still very happy about finding the method of breakthrough, but unexpectedly, her father thought of this level.

  Having been in contact with Charlie wade for a long time, she also knew that once a person had gone far enough on the path of the martial arts, then he must also have lived long enough.

  At that time, the elders, peers, and even juniors around him would all leave him one by one, leaving him alone to walk further and further along this lonely path, and also to walk more and more coldly.

  The loneliness will be lessened if there is a like-minded person to keep him company on the long road for tens or hundreds of years, or even longer.

  She knew that it was because her father was aware of this that he had so solemnly entrusted Charlie wade with his life.

  Thinking of this, Nana-chan’s eyes suddenly turned red and tears came out uncontrollably, choking on her words, “Odo-san ……”

  With that, tears were already falling down like rain…

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