Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5549

  Charlie wade said, “The pills can only strengthen your body and help you open up your meridians, but if you can’t grasp how to use them yourself, then even if I open up all your meridians, you won’t be able to grasp the key to internal peeping and will still not be able to run true qi, this is real talent, your natural talent is indeed great, there is absolutely no need to question this. “

  Nanaeko’s expression was shy at this point, pursing her lips and staring at her phone for half a day before she plucked up the courage to ask him, “Charlie wadejun, do you have time tonight? I’d like to invite you to dinner to thank you in person!”

  Charlie wade asked her, “Why do you want to thank me?”

  Nana-chan said, “You’ve helped me so much, and even arranged for me to study martial arts here, and now that I’ve finally started, isn’t it right to treat you to a meal? Consider it a thank you banquet, I wonder if Charlie wade-kun would like to give you a treat?”

  After thinking about it, Charlie wade replied readily, “No problem, tell me the time and I’ll be there on time.”

  Nana-chan said, “Master Greg’s daily lecture is until 6:30, how about we stay a little later, at 8 o’clock?”

  ”No problem.” Charlie wade said, “Then you practice well and I’ll see you tonight.”

  Nana-chan was overjoyed and hurriedly replied with a, “See you tonight!”

  Charlie wade knew that she was eager to practice, so he did not intend to go in and harass her, and replied directly, “Then you should practice well first, and I will see you in the evening.”

  ”Okay!” Cai Cai Zi replied to the message, set her phone to flight mode again and tucked it under the futon, so she settled down again and began to run her true qi.

  Charlie wade also didn’t greet Greg Abbott again, so he turned around and left Champs-Elysees Spa while everyone was heading to the restaurant and no one saw him.

  On his way back, he kept thinking about the wonderful scene that Nana-chan had described to Aurora. Although he was not a martial artist, he could try it out according to Nana-chan’s tips, and if he could really find that state, it should be very beneficial to him as well.

  As he was pondering, his mobile phone suddenly rang, and it was a call from Li Xiaofen.

  On the phone, Li Xiaofen asked him, “Brother Charlie wade, what have you been busy with lately?”

  Charlie wade laughed: “Busy with all sorts of miscellaneous things, what’s up? Looking for me for something?”

  Li Xiaofen said, “School is about to start at Aurous Hill University, Claudia will be enrolling tomorrow, do you want to accompany her to school with me?”

  Charlie wade was surprised and asked, “Are you going to report to school so soon?”

  Li Xiaofen said, “It’s already August 24th today, the freshmen at Aurous Hill University will start to report tomorrow! After the registration, the military training will start immediately afterwards.”

  ”Oh oh! “Charlie wade suddenly realized that he had never studied in freshman year, so he thought that freshmen should start school earlier, after all, there was still two weeks of military training.

  When he thought of the fact that Claudia had no relatives, only Auntie Li, Li Xiaofen and himself, the three people who cared a bit closer, and that she was going to report for school tomorrow, he definitely had to go and stand on the platform.

  So he readily agreed and said, “No problem, I’ll drive to pick you up tomorrow, what time should you leave?”

  Li Xiaofen said, “There’s no hurry, there’s two days to report to school, you can arrive at any time.

  ”That’s fine.” Charlie wade asked her, “Shouldn’t we prepare some daily necessities for Claudia? Hasn’t she been allocated a dorm room as well?”

  Li Xiaofen gave a hmph and said, “Auntie Li prepared them for her a long time ago, tomorrow Auntie Li will also go along, so you can just drive and pull them on together at that time.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade said with a smile, “Then I’ll pick you guys up at home around 9:30 tomorrow!”

  ”OK, then it’s a deal!”

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