Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5543

Twenty minutes later, An Chongqiu accompanied the old lady and headed for Charlie wade’s parents’ old mansion.

  The An family’s bulletproof caravan soon drove out from the Wanliu Villa and headed for the old city of Aurous Hill.

  At the same time, Charlie wade was also driving from the city in the direction of Wanliu Villa.

  He was planning to go to the Champs-Elysees Hot Springs, and as the distance between Wanliu Villa and the Champs-Elysees Hot Springs was very close in a straight line, with only two hills separating them, most of the journey from the city to Wanliu Villa overlapped with the journey from the city to the Champs-Elysees Hot Springs.

  On the expressway out of the city, Charlie wade saw the convoy coming head-on in the opposite direction.

  Before he set off, Li Yalin had sent him a message telling him that his grandmother was visiting his parents’ old house today, so although the two sides skimmed head-on at a very fast relative speed, Charlie wade could still tell that it was the An family’s motorcade.

  However, Charlie wade’s thoughts were not overly involved, he had already explained to those who should, and believed that with his usual persona and prestige, no one in Aurous Hill would divulge his identity to his grandparents.

  When he arrived at the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel, Greg Abbott had already started a new day of teaching.

  When Charlie wade arrived, he saw that all the students were studying intently, so he did not go in to disturb them, but only observed the situation of Cai Cai Zi and Aurora from the window.

  At this moment, both girls were sitting on top of the futon, listening to Greg Abbott’s guidance and running their true qi with their eyes closed.

  Charlie wade was surprised to find that within Cai Cai Zi’s body, there were already signs of true qi running.

  It seemed that in just a few days, she had already grasped the mysteries of internal peeping and the key to the transformation of true qi in her body, and had sort of completed the introductory stage of the martial arts, which really impressed Charlie wade.

  As for Aurora beside her, at this moment, Charlie wade could also feel that there was some energy that resembled true qi being generated in her body intermittently, but she was never able to truly achieve the full operation of true qi in her body.

  The state of the dantian, meridians and true qi in her body was like a car’s power system in a starting state, only that the starter had not yet reached the speed required for the engine to truly ignite and run.

  Although it was not yet fully successful, it was at least half successful. As long as she continued to work along this direction, it was believed that it would not take too long before she would also succeed in achieving the full operation of her true qi.

  It seemed that Aurora’s talent was indeed quite inferior to that of Cai Cai Zi.

  Apart from the two of them, Charlie wade was also more concerned about the state of both Isaac Cameron and Don Albert.

  So he shifted his eyes to the two, only to find that the two brothers were still at the stage of being headless at this point, unable to achieve an inner peek at all, seeing that while everyone else had their eyes slightly closed and their demeanour calm, Don Albert, despite having his eyes closed, was always baring his teeth and seemed to be pushing hard in a certain direction inside.

  Although Isaac Cameron was not as grim-faced as Don Albert, his brows were always locked and seemed to be full of doubts.

  Charlie wade knew very well that these two, both of them, were stuck at the crucial point of internal peeping.

  If they could not achieve internal peeping, then they would not be able to find the exact location of their meridians and dantian, and running their true qi would be even more impossible.

  This kind of thing is very subtle, just like a vocal teacher will always talk about chest resonance and head resonance. Those who know how to do it will understand it, but those who don’t will not know how to get both the head and chest cavities to participate in the vocalisation even if they shout at the top of their voices.

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