Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5542

  What’s more, he also felt that at the moment, Charlie wade really wasn’t fit to identify with the An family yet, so he could only follow the fake advice, and as long as he was ultimately oriented to keep them from actually discovering Charlie wade’s clues, his mission would be accomplished.

  At this time, An Chongqiu added, “Right old Li, have you ever thought about investigating the benefactor who saved your life?”

  Li Yalin was shocked, but he said, “The benefactor who saved my life is unpredictable and never shows his true face, so I don’t have any clues even if I want to find him.”

  An Chongqiu shook his head, “It’s not that there are no clues, and he is in Aurous Hill!”

  Li Yalin deliberately asked him, “Chongqiu, what do you mean?”

  An Chongqiu said seriously, “When I was in Aurous Hill for the Spring Return Pill auction, I told you about it, and I had always wondered before who had made this Spring Return Pill, but I never found any valuable clues until the An family was attacked in New York and our whole family was saved by our benefactor, I didn’t even think about the Spring Return Pill as a clue. “

  Speaking of this, An Chongqiu looked at Li Yalin and slowly spoke, “But ever since you said that you were saved by your benefactor with the elixir, I felt that the person who made the Spring Return Pill and the person who saved you and the An family should be the same person!”

  Li Yalin was surprised and asked him, “You mean that the benefactor is in Aurous Hill?”

  An Chongqiu said, “Whether the benefactor is in Aurous Hill or not, I don’t know, but there is someone who knows him in Aurous Hill, namely Jasmine Moore of the Moore family in Aurous Hill!”

  ”Jasmine Moore?” Li Yalin had a puzzled look on his face.

  An Chongqiu explained, “The Moore Family, was one of the organisers of the Spring Return Pill Auction that day, and Jasmine Moore, is the head of the Moore Family! At the same time, she was also the auctioneer of that day’s auction! All these clues converge together, she’d be damned if she didn’t know her benefactor!”

  Li Yalin’s heart fluttered, but he said hesitantly, “Chong Qiu, that benefactor is very powerful, since he doesn’t want to meet us with his true face, isn’t it inappropriate for us to investigate him like this?”

  ”Yes, it is inappropriate.” An Chongqiu nodded without thinking, but then said with great determination, “Old Li, my sister and my brother-in-law, were killed in Aurous Hill, and that nephew of mine, also disappeared in Aurous Hill, now, the trail of this benefactor is also connected to this place in Aurous Hill, I always feel …… that there might be some kind of connection.”

  Li Yalin hurriedly asked tentatively, “Oops, you don’t think the benefactor we’re talking about is that great nephew of yours, do you?”

An Chongqiu waved his hand, “That’s unlikely …… I was thinking, since this benefactor is a worldly man, then could my great nephew have just been saved by him back then?”

  Li Yalin coughed twice and said, “You, don’t think about it, don’t you see that this hypothesis is very close to the plot of a martial arts novel? Besides, my benefactor is not a member of your An family, why would he have the right to save your nephew in Aurous Hill twenty years ago, and then fly to America twenty years later to save your family and incidentally save me?”

  An Chongqiu said awkwardly, “Yes …… you have a point …… but even if your benefactor has nothing to do with my great nephew’s trail, he did save our family after all, so I want to take the time to visit Jasmine Moore and Let’s see if we can get any clues from her, even if she keeps her mouth shut to us, she can surely help me bring a few words to my benefactor.”

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