Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5540

Hearing the old lady’s words, Li Yalin clapped his hands and said off the top of his head, “Auntie! You have a great idea!”

  After that, he immediately took out his mobile phone, turned on the video shooting, and said: “We will take turns to record the video for Uncle An. Chongqiu, you should hurry to arrange someone to buy some sports cameras that can be carried around to record constantly! “

  An Chongqiu was also very excited and said without thinking, “Yes! I’ll arrange it right away!”

  The old lady added: “I think the environment here is really good, Qishan, let’s hurry up and have some food, after eating I’ll take you for a walk around the lake, maybe it will have better results!”

  When Li Yalin heard this, he said, “Auntie, I have a different opinion on this point, I think you and Uncle An should stay in this villa and not go anywhere!”

  The old lady was puzzled and asked, “Yalin, what is your reason for this?”

  Li Yalin said in a serious manner, “Auntie, I’m not going to lie, I went out early in the morning and took a look around. To be honest, in a city like Jinling, this kind of environment is certainly considered very good, but compared to the An family’s manor, I think it’s still quite a bit worse, there’s no reason why the mountains and water here are any better than the An family’s manor.”

  At this point, Li Yalin concluded, “So I feel that if this physical improvement is really a kind of metaphysics, then the mystery of this metaphysics must be in this house, not in the external environment.”

  The old lady nodded thoughtfully.

  She felt that what Li Yalin said made sense.

  To speak of natural scenery, the strength of this bit of hardware outside the gates of the Wanliu Villa could not even compare to the level of a 1a scenic area in China.

  But the An family’s manor in the United States was almost on par with a 5a scenic area. To say that the changes in people’s bodies were affected by the environment, it seemed that it was not the turn of a place like Wanliu Villa.

  Li Yalin said to An Chongqiu at this time, “Right Chongqiu, are all the servants who arrived here early living inside other villas?”

  ”Right.” An Chongqiu nodded and said, “All the servants and bodyguards don’t live in this villa, what I thought at the time was that this villa would be left for the An family to live by themselves, and the servants would only need to come in during the day to do some daily work.”

  Li Yalin said, “You can side-step them and ask them if they have felt any obvious changes in their bodies during the few days they have been staying here.”

  An Chongqiu immediately took out his mobile phone, made a call to the housekeepers and made a sideways enquiry.

  These housekeepers and servants who had arrived early had been staying in several of the surrounding villas, but according to their descriptions, they had not felt anything special in the few days they had been staying here.

  This led An Chongqiu to agree with Li Yalin that the reason why his father’s memory had eased and why the others felt so relaxed was that the mystery lay in this villa.

  So An Chongqiu said, “Dad and Mum, don’t go out for a few days, stay in the villa 24 hours a day and see if Dad’s condition will improve.”

  The old lady was busy saying, “I also plan to visit the place where your sister lived back then today, I had someone check it out before, that old mansion, now it seems to have been bought by the ex-wife of the son of the Banks family in Eastcliff.”

  An Chongqiu frowned and asked, “The ex-wife of Bank’s family’s son? Is it Zayne Banks’s ex-wife?”

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