Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5538

For Mrs. An, for some time now, she had long been used to explaining his condition to her old companion at the first sign of waking up each day and briefing him on the present time and what had happened recently, or even yesterday.

  This was mainly because An Qishan’s memory had deteriorated so badly that he could no longer even remember the events of the last ten years or so, and what had happened every day would certainly be forgotten the next day.

  However, the old lady was surprised to hear from the conversation that her old companion still remembered yesterday’s journey and the blurred scene she had seen in the moonlight when she came to the Manliu Villa by car.

  An Qishan was a little surprised at this point and touched his head, asking her, “Is it strange to remember what happened yesterday?”

  The old lady said with a face full of joy, “It has been a long time since you woke up from sleep the next day and didn’t remember what happened the day before.”

  With that, the old lady asked him impatiently, “What else do you remember about yesterday? Tell me quickly!”

  An Qishan frowned, “I remember that we took a long flight over, and after we got off the plane, we took a car and drove all the way to the suburbs, and then because I was too tired, I went to sleep.”

  The old lady was busy asking again, “Then do you remember anything from earlier?”

  An Qishan asked her, “How early was earlier?”

  The old lady asked, “Do you remember what happened before we left for America, do you remember what we talked about with Chongqiu and Yalin on the plane before we left?”

  An Qishan’s expression fell into a daze for a moment, his eyes looking around at nothing, then down at his hands, his expression falling back into a strong sleep.

  He thought for half a day as hard as he could, but his mind failed to restore the memory of the plane before it took off.

  With a pained expression he said, “What’s going on …… The furthest I can remember is getting off the plane and getting all the way here, but nothing else ……”

  The old lady hurriedly reassured, “It’s okay, it’s okay, Qishan, it’s great that you can remember this, because you were previously unable to even remember anything that happened the day before.”

  Saying this, the old lady couldn’t help but say excitedly, “For so many years, your condition has been deteriorating, never giving me any hope of reversal, but now is a very, very good sign! It seems that what Master Greg told me about this place being a feng shui treasure was really true! I’ve really come to the right place in Aurous Hill this time!”

  Little did the old lady know that the fact that the old man had improved so significantly on the first night he stayed at the Wanliu Villa was entirely due to the inconspicuous little formation that Charlie wade had laid in this villa.

  Don’t look at this formation, it only used a rejuvenation pill and some spiritual energy, but the value of this formation was over a hundred billion dollars.

  According to the old master’s practice after he got sick, his memory of each day was like an essay written on the beach, as the tide kept lapping the beach, it would wash away most of the content on the beach, and when the tide rose at night, it would wash away all the content on the beach, all of it.

  Therefore, when the old man arrived in Aurous Hill last night, most of his memories from today were already almost forgotten. After rushing all the way from the airport to the Wanliu Villa, when he was in this villa and was secretly nourished by Charlie wade’s Spring Return Pill Formation, his memories were immediately strengthened by the effect of the formation.

  This was why he could still remember what happened after he got off the plane, but could not quite remember what happened before he got off the plane.

  The old lady was overjoyed at this moment, and she hurriedly said to the old master, “I have to hurry and tell Chong Qiu the good news!”

  With that, she dragged the old man and took the lift to the ground floor.

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