Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5537

  But it was only after he had re-acquainted himself with Stephanie and asked Stephen Thompson about it that he realised that all this had been arranged by Stephen Thompson a long time ago, and that the reason the orphanage had isolated them was to protect him alone.

  It was also those years of isolation that helped him avoid everyone’s search.

  Whether it was Charlie wade’s relatives, his parents’ friends, or his enemies who wanted Charlie wade’s life and eliminated his roots, they all set their sights on places outside of Aurous Hill after several years of fruitless searching.

  No one could have imagined that after so many years and so many people had searched the ground in Aurous Hill, Charlie wade would still be in the city.

  Now, after twenty years, grandparents and great-uncle, once again came here, and Charlie wade also knew through Li Yalin’s as well as Stephanie’s descriptions that grandparents had not given up looking for themselves for so many years, so deep inside Charlie wade’s heart, he also wanted to identify with his grandma’s family, at least, so that the two old people would not grip their hearts and blame themselves for their unknown life and death.

  However, once he thought that the Broken Qing Society was still unwilling to let go of his grandparents’ family, he could only suppress this thought for the time being.

  But after all, his grandparents were already here, and judging from their attitude, they were planning to stay here for a long time, and he would be living under their noses for a long time to come.

  However, even though he was overwhelmed with emotion, he still did not change his decision.

  He could only hope that his grandparents, who were close at hand, would not find any clues about himself.


  This night, Charlie wade did not sleep all night, but his grandparents, who lived in Wanliu Villa, as well as his great-uncle and Li Yalin, all slept extraordinarily soundly.

  The old man, An Qishan, has had a sleep disorder for a very long time; he hasn’t had a full, full night’s sleep for at least a decade, and in recent years, he’s not really been able to sleep for more than five hours a day.

  His state in the vast majority of cases is just lying in bed at around 10pm, tossing and turning until around 12am before he can barely fall asleep, but none of his sleep lasts more than an hour, so he is bound to wake up before 1pm and then take another hour or two to fall asleep again.

  His chronic sleep disorder has led to him never being in too good a mental state, and this has exacerbated the deterioration of his Alzheimer’s on another level.

  But last night, this problem, which had lasted for at least a decade, all seemed to be solved after he arrived in Golden.

  Last night he washed up and then slept until dawn.

  He did not wake up once, nor did he have any dreams, and seemed to be in a rare state of deep sleep the whole night.

  The old lady, who was beside him, felt the same way.

  Although the old lady did not yet have Alzheimer’s disease, she was, after all, old and the quality of her sleep had always been difficult to guarantee.

  But last night, like the old man, she slept until seven in the morning, and slept extraordinarily well.

  Because she had slept so well, the first thing she felt when she opened her eyes was an indescribable, strong sense of relief.

  Seeing that the old man was also looking very well, she subconsciously asked him, “Qishan, how did you rest last night?”

  An Qishan leaned back against the bed, still somewhat incredulously murmuring, “It seems like I haven’t slept this soundly in many years.”

  After saying that, he added, “Or maybe it’s because I was overly tired from yesterday’s journey, that’s why I slept so well ……”

  Immediately afterwards, he shook his own head again and murmured, “It should not just be this reason …… Maybe it also has something to do with the environment here, I probably looked on the way over yesterday, it seems to be in the mountains, and there is a lake, Feng Jing should be good, it’s just a pity that it was too late in the day to see it clearly, such a A good environment, one can certainly relax a lot too.”

  The old lady nodded gently with a look of approval, she felt the same way.

  The next second, she suddenly looked at An Qishan in shock and asked offhandedly, “Qishan, do you still remember what happened yesterday?!”

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