Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5536

At nine o’clock in the evening New York time, this Boeing 748 converted private jet, took off from JFK airport and headed for Aurous Hill in China, ten thousand kilometres away.

  After a twelve-hour flight, the An family plane landed smoothly at Aurous Hill International Airport at nine o’clock, playing on local time in Aurous Hill.

  The staff who had arrived in Aurous Hill ahead of time arranged for a convoy to receive the old couple, as well as An Chongqiu, Li Yalin and the others, to the Wanliu Villa.

  It was already late at night when the convoy arrived at Wanliu Villa, which was exceptionally quiet and peaceful at this time, while the An family’s butler took the four of them directly to the centrally located villa.

  The four of them were more or less exhausted from the ten hours of travel, so you were assigned rooms and then went back to their own rooms to rest.

  The villas in Wanliu Villa were all large in size, with a structure of three floors above ground plus one underground, using an area of at least 800 to 900 square feet. Because of the large enough area, each room was designed as a suite with its own bathroom, with the old couple living in the largest room on the third floor, while An Chongqiu lived next door to them and Li Yalin temporarily lived opposite An Chongqiu.

  When he returned to his room, Li Yalin sent a message to Charlie wade, informing him that he had arrived at Wanliu Villa.

  At this moment, Charlie wade was lying beside Claire Wilson, waiting for Li Yalin’s report.

  The Claire Wilson beside him had already fallen asleep, and when he received Li Yalin’s message, his heart was overwhelmed with emotions for a while.

  The arrival of his grandparents was not the key that really touched him.

  What really kept his mind awake for a long time was the fact that his grandparents’ arrival made him involuntarily think of that year again, of the day his parents were killed.

  From the moment his grandparents’ plane took off, all Charlie wade could think about was all the moments when the incident happened back then.

  When his parents were killed, Charlie wade was still attending school. The weather at that time was already in the middle and end of June, and it was about to be summer vacation.

  That rain came with such force that it took only ten minutes to completely cover the entire school playground with rain. Charlie wade still remembered that the thunder roared and the rain was so bitterly cold that many of the children in his class even shivered in fear.

  At that time, the classroom door was suddenly pushed open and Stephen Thompson, who was soaked to the skin and covered in rain, rushed into the classroom and picked up Charlie wade, who was in his seat, and rushed out of the classroom, despite the teacher’s obstruction.

  Charlie wade still remembered that in the rain, there were a dozen middle-aged men in black clothes, their faces full of rain and their clothes clinging to their bodies because they were soaked through by the rain, looking extraordinarily wretched.

  What made Charlie wade feel even more astonished was that in each of their arms, they were holding a boy whose age, figure and dress were very similar to his own. Then Stephen Thompson gave an order, and the dozen or so men, with a dozen or so children, quickly scattered in all directions in the same place, while he himself was carried by Stephen Thompson and ran furiously through the rain.

  And then, Charlie wade was sent to the orphanage where he grew up. As he was leaving, he told Charlie wade the news that his parents had been killed, and urged him not to reveal his true identity to anyone in his life.

  The ignorant Charlie wade was too late to be sad when Stephen Thompson disappeared from the orphanage, and from that day on, Charlie wade lived in the orphanage as an orphan for ten whole years.

  The first few years of the ten years, he lived, almost, an isolated life.

  At that time, they received their primary education in the orphanage, the orphanage never organized them to go out, there were no spring trips, no tomb sweeping, no visits nor performances, these children just stayed in the orphanage every day, in addition to studying, they had to follow the aunts of the orphanage to do some household chores that they could do, even the vegetable fields in the orphanage, they often needed the help of these children to maintain.

  At that time, Charlie wade always thought that the orphanage must not have much money, and that it was rare to be able to ensure that they could receive an education and have enough to eat.

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