Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5535

  Speaking here, Li Yalin added: “Oh yes, there is another kind, that is, there are other people arranging behind the scenes, in this case, it is not up to him to make the decision.”

  The old lady was silent for a moment and asked, “You must have come across similar cases, right? In the cases you handled, if a child’s family was killed and the child’s whereabouts were unknown, where would that child most likely end up?”

  Li Yalin thought about it and said truthfully, “Auntie, to be honest, I have indeed handled quite a few similar cases, and most of the children who survived would contact other relatives, such as grandparents, uncles and aunts, after hiding for a while, and would not usually go missing for a long time;”

  ”When it comes to cases that have been missing for a long time, in most cases, that surviving child has become a homeless vagrant, sleeping in the ruins or under a bridge hole every night, living in no fixed place, either thieving during the day, or receiving relief food everywhere, or even joining a gang or becoming addicted to drugs, many of them don’t even live past the age of twenty, and after death, the police will follow the process and sample his dna and then put it into a dna database to find clues to his family, and that’s when it was discovered that the person had been the only child to survive some murder.”

  The old lady An was in a bit of a trance for a moment before she whispered, “After the accident with Chengqi and Bruce wade, Charlie hadn’t contacted anyone, not the An family or the Wade family, but Charlie had been smart since he was a child, he was eight years old at the time, he must have remembered the contact details of the An and Wade families in his head, if he wanted to contact us, there must have been many ways to get in touch with them, but he didn’t. But he didn’t do it ……”

  Saying that, the old lady sighed and said quietly, “I think that he might be angry with our two families because of his parents’ death.”

  Li Yalin said noncommittally, “This …… I don’t know the specifics, so I can’t confirm it.”

  The old lady added: “Charlie is very smart and has been well brought up since he was a child, if he is still alive then he should not have gone astray like those children you mentioned, so I think that there are only two biggest possibilities, one is that he is hiding and does not want to see us, the other is that someone is hiding him and does not want us to know, I prefer the latter because at first so many people looking for his whereabouts were How can an eight-year-old child hide from everyone when they can’t find him?”

  An Chongqiu couldn’t help but ask, “Mom, who would hide Charlie?”

  The old lady said with a serious expression, “Who would, I don’t know, but there are only two possibilities, one good and one bad, the good, perhaps Chengqi and Bruce wade’s men, and the bad, perhaps their enemies or others with evil intentions.”

  An Chongqiu frowned, “Mom, we’ve searched for all of my brother-in-law’s men in the country at first, and none of them know where Charlie is, and they’re all just as anxious as we are, too.”

  ”Yes.” The old lady nodded, “The senses I was given back then were indeed like that, but after all these years, now that I think about it, if any of them had lied, we would have no way of checking.”

  An Chongqiu asked, “Then should we ask them again for information?”

  ”To ask.” The old lady said with a determined expression, “This time, I must find out where Charlie is, and if I can’t find him in Aurous Hill, I will continue to search all over the world!”

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