Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5534

  Saying that, the old lady added, “The reason why I’m in a hurry to hurry to Aurous Hill is also because of this, if we delay any longer, even if we see Charlie, I’m afraid he won’t be able to remember.”

  ”Ai ……” Li Yalin sighed, thinking in his heart, “Charlie wade even has the magic power to save me back, treating the old man’s Alzheimer’s disease must be as easy as pie for him. This time, even if he really does not want to meet with the old couple, he must at least find a way to make him cure the old man’s illness ……”

  The first thing I want to do is to find out what happened to Charlie.” “You’ve been solving cases for years, tell me, with your experience, where should we start looking for Charlie?”

  ”This ……” Li Yalin looked like he was thinking, but in fact he was secretly thinking in his heart, “The An family has long since gone through the whole world, but only failed to properly go through Aurous Hill, if I don’t know Charlie wade and your old man asks me to find his If I didn’t know Charlie wade and your old man asked me to find his whereabouts, then I would have found a way to turn Aurous Hill upside down, not to mention a person, not even a dog could be spared, especially in a relatively closed environment such as an orphanage …… but you are asking me now, what can I say?”

  I think this matter, because too many years have passed, so really to go back to the place of the incident to investigate, the chance of finding its own should be relatively slim, as you said, Charlie wade should be twenty-eight years old now, twenty-eight years old adults, few have been living in one place, even if he was really still in Aurous Hill after the accident in Chengqi , but these twenty years have passed, it is unlikely that he has remained in Aurous Hill.”

  ”It’s also ……” the old lady sighed, “Whether rich or poor, in this social environment, few young people can stay in one place for twenty consecutive years without moving… …”

  Saying that, she added with a helpless expression, “It’s just that we really don’t know where to start, so we can only go back to the place where it happened back then and trace the origin from the beginning.”

  Li Yalin was depressed and thought to himself, “If I tell the old lady with conviction that there is a high probability that Charlie wade is not in Aurous Hill, and later on, when Charlie wade and the old lady meet and the grandfather and grandson are holding hands and talking about their experiences in the past twenty years, and Charlie wade says that he has been in Aurous Hill for twenty years, then won’t that be a slap in my face? I am at least a Chinese detective, we can’t afford to lose this person ……”

Thinking of this, he hurriedly added another sentence back and said, “Auntie, I think this matter also depends on the person, different people will have different decisions regarding this kind of thing:”

  After a pause, Li Yalin added, “If an ordinary person, whose parents were killed in this place, and he is not too old, then he will definitely have a psychological shadow about this place, and will even try to get rid of it and never come back;”

  ”But if it’s the kind of person who is very sentimental, he might also feel that this is where his parents were killed and that the only way he can be closer to them is to stay here;”

  ”There is also a very far-sighted kind of person who, after his parents were killed, knows that his situation is not safe either, and adhering to the logic that the most dangerous place is the safest, he may also stay in this place;”

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