Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5533

In the afternoon, Li Yalin packed some simple clothes and supplies and took off from Houston to New York on a Gulfstream business jet sent by the An family.

  An Chongqiu had already arranged for a flight from New York to Aurous Hill in the evening, so after Li Yalin landed in New York, he could directly transfer to the An family’s large passenger plane to Aurous Hill.

  This time, although only An Qishan and his wife and eldest son An Chongqiu were travelling to Aurous Hill, they were accompanied by a number of butlers, assistants, servants and nearly 100 well-trained bodyguards.

  So what An Chongqiu arranged this time was a private jet converted from a Boeing 748, a large, wide-body airliner that was also divided into two upper and lower levels in the nose section, with a small living room and two bedrooms on the upper level, and more than a hundred standard business class seats below, as well as a rest room for the shift crew.

  When Li Yalin landed in New York, the An family and their entourage had just finished boarding at their own shipping company’s exclusive hangar, and the Gulfstream business jet taxied directly into the hangar and eased to a stop in the parking space next to the 748.

  Immediately afterwards, the hatch opened and one crew member led Li Yalin off the plane while another helped him carry his suitcase all the way to the Boeing 748 next door.

  The crew took him directly to the first floor of the 748. At that moment, An Chongqiu was accompanying his parents to chat on the sofa seats in the living room, and when he saw that the crew had brought Li Yalin up, he hurriedly waved to Li Yalin and said, “Come, come, old Li, sit down, we are just waiting for you.”

  Li Yalin smiled faintly and greeted the two old men first, calling out to Uncle An and Auntie An, before saying to An Chongqiu, “Chongqiu, your schedule is too tight, why fly at night, why not let Uncle An and Auntie An have a good night’s rest and fly in the morning?”

  An Chongqiu laughed helplessly, “It’s not up to me to decide what time to fly.”

  The old lady smiled and said, “Yalin, if we fly at night, we’ll be there after a good night’s sleep, and we won’t be able to sleep on the plane. If we flew in the morning, we would not be able to do anything, and it would not be easy to reverse the jet lag.”

  An Chongqiu said with a look of admiration, “Auntie, it’s you who should be the one to say that this makes a lot more sense.

  Old Mrs. An said with a smile, “Don’t praise me here, who can compare with you when it comes to comprehensive thinking.”

  An Qishan looked out of the window for a while and then asked Mrs. An, “Huiyin, where are we going on the plane?”

  Mrs. An said patiently, “Didn’t I just tell you that we are going to Aurous Hill to look for Charlie?”

  ”Looking for Charlie. ……” An Qishan murmured, and then asked, “How old is Charlie? Has he become an adult?”

  The old lady said, “Charlie is twenty-eight this year, so maybe when we find him, we’ll even find our grandson with him.”

  An Qishan froze and nodded, his eyes looking woodenly out of the window again, not speaking again.

  Li Yalin asked the old lady in a low voice, “Auntie, is he serious again, Uncle An?”

  The old lady nodded and said, “It’s a little worse than before, now more than half of the time he spends awake every day is spent repeatedly explaining the situation to him, but most of the time he just turns his head and forgets about it.”

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