Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5532

  After hanging up the phone, Li Yalin thought for a moment and decided to report the situation to Charlie wade in advance, on the one hand, Charlie wade was his life-saving benefactor, on the other hand, Charlie wade had also saved the entire An family, in this case, it was reasonable to tell Charlie wade about the situation, if Charlie wade really did not want to meet with the An family, it would also allow him to make preparations in advance.

  With that, he called Charlie wade.

  It was already evening in Aurous Hill, and Charlie wade’s family was watching television in the living room on the ground floor.

  When he saw that Li Yalin had called, Charlie wade came into the courtyard before pressing the answer button.

  On the other end of the phone, Li Yalin spoke, “Mr. Wade, your great uncle has asked me to go to Aurous Hill with him and your grandparents for the purpose of finding clues related to you and to leave tonight, I have promised him, I wonder what your instructions are?”

  Hearing Li Yalin’s account, Charlie wade was not surprised.

  After all, when he had gone to Wanliu Villa with Greg Abbott a few days ago, he had known that Grandma’s family would be leaving to come to Aurous Hill in no time.

  So, he said to Li Yalin, “Just help them investigate normally, I will take care of all the clues on the Aurous Hill side, but you have to communicate with me in advance and tell me where you are going to start.”

  Li Yalin said, “I reckon it’s just the school where you studied, the place where your parents had their accident, and the house where your parents used to live, of course, all the orphanages and orphanages in Aurous Hill are also a top priority, I don’t need to remind them of this, I reckon your great uncle and the others have almost finished their clues.”

  Charlie wade gave a hint and said, “I will take care of all these, if there is anything else, just let me know in advance.”

  Li Yalin said, “No problem.”

  Then, Charlie wade urged him, “By the way, when my grandparents arrive, make sure they stay in the villa in the middle of Wan Liu Villa, and find a way to delay and let them stay for more days.”

  The villa in the middle of Wanliu Villa had a formation left behind by Charlie wade and a rejuvenation pill, the release of the medicinal power would last for at least a month, and the two old people would be able to improve their health condition even more if they stayed in it for a longer period of time.

  Li Yalin did not know why, but still said without thinking, “Okay Mr. Wade, I will pay attention.”

  After saying that, Li Yalin asked him tentatively, “Mr Wade, are you really not going to identify with them?”

  Charlie wade said indifferently, “We have only destroyed the tip of the iceberg of the Qing Breaking Society, moreover, who knows how many spies the Qing Breaking Society has planted around my grandparents, if I identify with them, this matter will definitely not be concealed from the Qing Breaking Society, then the advantage of the enemy being clear and me being dark will be gone, my ability alone is limited, then I may not be able to protect neither the people around me nor my grandparents So it’s better not to identify each other for the time being.”

  Li Yalin sighed, “You’re right, the An family really can’t eliminate all hidden dangers yet.”

  Charlie wade sighed silently and spoke, “For the time being, just do as I say.”

  ”Okay Mr. Wade!”

  After hanging up Isaac Cameron’s phone, Charlie wade immediately called Isaac Cameron, and as soon as the phone call came through, he said in an unquestionable tone, “Old Cameron, inform everyone in Aurous Hill who knows that I am the young master of the Wade family as well as Master Wade’s identity, and from today onwards, in front of any outsiders, never mention anything about my identity.”

  Isaac Cameron’s tone was awe-inspiring as he said firmly, “Yes Young Master, I’ll get right on it!”

  Subsequently, Charlie wade gave Zara Banks another call.

  When the call was answered, Zara Banks said respectfully on the other end of the line, “Hello, Mr. Wade.”

  Charlie wade said, “Miss Banks, take the trouble to convey to Auntie Deana for me that if anyone goes to my parents’ old mansion to inquire about my whereabouts, remember not to divulge any information related to me.”

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