Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5528

Seeing that the time had reached eight o’clock, Greg Abbott arched his hand to Charlie wade and Wan Breaking Jun and stepped in front of the crowd, standing opposite to them.

    At this moment, Greg Abbott reached out and stroked his long beard as he said aloud, “Gentlemen! Welcome to the first Martial Dao Training Conference hosted by Grandmaster Wade! I am the 39th Master of the Tai Chen Dao, Greg Abbott, and I am fortunate to have been honoured by Grandmaster Wade to come here to give a lecture on martial arts. In the following period of time, I will teach you all what I have learned in my life without reservation, and I hope to progress with you all!”

    As soon as the words left his mouth, the students across the room applauded enthusiastically.

    After the applause stopped, Greg Abbott continued, “In this lecture, I will teach you all the contents of the first chapter of the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao” without any reservation. I ask that you all be able to learn it from the beginning in a down-to-earth manner.”

    Charlie wade had let it slip long ago, so all these people who had come to the training knew that the “Tai Zhen Mixed Dao” was an incomparable martial arts heart technique, and even Wan Breaking Jun was prepared to learn it from the beginning.

    Afterwards, Greg Abbott began with the first chapter of the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao”, first telling everyone about the tenets and principles of the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao”.

    Greg Abbott’s teaching on the first day was all theory, with nothing related to practice, but this gave many martial arts experts, including Wan Breaking Jun, a new perception of the martial arts.

    As for Nai Nai Zi, Aurora, Isaac Cameron and Don Albert, the few novices who had not yet started, this way of teaching also gave them more time to prepare.

    After the first day’s lesson, both Dark Realm masters like Wan Xiaojun and newcomers like Cai Caizi were very satisfied with the content taught by Greg Abbott.

    Charlie wade, who had watched the day from the sidelines, was also very positive about Greg Abbott’s performance; given enough time, he would definitely be able to help these people build or re-establish a solid foundation in martial arts.

    After the course was over, Charlie wade made a point of finding Nana-chan and Aurora and asked them, “How did you feel today?”

    Nana-chan thought about it and said with a smile, “It felt like the first English class when I was a kid, I didn’t know anything about English, so I had to start with the twenty-six alphabets, and I was a bit uncomfortable with the way the twenty-six alphabets were presented, but what Master Greg said was more interesting, his descriptions were very grounded and better helped newcomers like us to understand the martial arts, and what Master Greg said about the various meridians, the Although I am not quite able to understand the mysteries of these for the time being, through his presentation, I already have some more concrete impressions of these, just like my English teacher when I was a child, telling us that a is like a pylon, b is like glasses and c is like the moon”

    Aurora also couldn’t help but sigh, “Master Greg did speak very well, it sounded less difficult to understand, but I can’t say how much I understood, it’s a good thing Master Greg didn’t start teaching practical exercises right away, otherwise I would have been even more at a loss as to what to do.”

    Charlie wade had read Greg Abbott’s syllabus, so he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, he is only giving you a lecture on theory today, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, in the next few days, he will combine the human meridian diagram to introduce you to the meridian composition of the human body one by one, just like how a medical student has to be familiar with the structure of the human body first, he will not deliberately try to increase the pace of teaching, everything is still about He will not deliberately increase the pace of teaching, everything is still about steady and stable, so the specific practical exercises will definitely wait until you are familiar with the theoretical knowledge for a few days first, then maybe you will be able to feel the existence of meridians and dantian directly.”

    Aurora smiled cheekily and said, “When Grandmaster Wade says that, I feel much more secure in my heart.”

    Then, Charlie wade saw that not far away, Don Albert and Isaac Cameron were also exchanging words there, so he said to Cai Cai Zi and Aurora, “You guys digest the points of knowledge that Master Greg has taught first, I’ll go and say hello to Don Albert and Old Cameron.”

    Saying this, Charlie wade said goodbye to the two and came to follow Don Albert and Isaac Cameron.

    At this moment, Don Albert was asking Isaac Cameron in a low voice, “Old Cameron, do you feel that you have understood?”

    Isaac Cameron thought about it and replied seriously, “I feel that I can generally understand it, and can know what martial arts is really about.”

    Don Albert smiled and said, “I seem to have heard a general understanding too, the principle of Wudao is probably understood, it is through true qi, constantly opening up one’s meridians and strengthening the body while enhancing true qi, I just don’t know when I will have the opportunity to practice it.”

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