Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5527

Greg Abbott’s strength is average, but after so many years of monasticism, he has indeed developed a bit of an extraordinary and high-minded demeanour, plus the fact that monastic people are basically in a semi-poor state for many years and suffer from a certain degree of malnutrition, resulting in them all being as thin as wood.

    This, coupled with the long white beard, gave them an air of being a tall man.

    This aura is a great plus in the metaphysical and even artistic circles.

    In the case of directors, painters and fortune-tellers, if you don’t even have a beard, you’re not very interesting to anyone.

    If you have a big moustache, even if you just take a brush and draw a few strokes on the canvas, you will trigger a crowd of fans to cheer and applaud.

    Greg Abbott, who had an extraordinary temperament, stepped in front of Charlie wade and said with a slight bow and a respectful tone, “Master Wade, it’s almost time, do you want to say a few words to everyone?”

    Charlie wade smiled, “Master Greg, this is your home turf, so I won’t take away from you.”

    Greg Abbott nodded, and then looked at Wan Bajun beside Charlie wade.

    He guessed that this should be the famous Hall Master of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall, and at this moment, realising that he could not even see through Wan Bajun’s strength, he guessed that his strength must have reached the Dark Realm.

    Charlie wade spoke at this moment, “Heavenly Master Greg, you and Broken Jun should not know each other yet, come, let me introduce to you, he is the Hall Master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, Wan Broken Jun.”

    Greg Abbott arched his hand and said politely, “Hall Master Wan, I’ve heard a lot about you!”

    “Nowhere, nowhere.” Wan Bajun smiled and said, “Here, there is no Hall Master of the Hall of Ten Thousand Dragons, there is only the student Wan Bajun, so for this next period of time, please do not hesitate to teach Master Greg!”

    Greg Abbott was flattered and hastily stated, “Don’t worry, Hall Master Wan, I’ll be unreserved, Hong!”

    After saying that, he looked at the time, it was still two minutes short of eight o’clock, so he asked tentatively, “Master Wade, the time is almost up, then my subordinate will start straight away?”

    Charlie wade smiled and said, “Master Greg, before you officially start, let’s talk to everyone briefly.”

    Greg Abbott said with some embarrassment, “Master Wade, you and Hall Master Wan are not speaking, so how can my subordinate make a class speech”

    Charlie wade said seriously, “There are specialties in the arts, even if Broken Jun’s strength is above yours, his foundation in the martial arts is far less solid than yours, and the further you go in your cultivation, the more you test the previous foundation, so in this respect, you are his deserved senior.”

    Mr. Wade was right, Master Greg. Although I was fortunate enough to receive Mr. Wade’s help and to be able to ascend to the Dark Realm, as Mr. Wade said, my foundation is indeed quite poor, just like a ten-storey building that has been hastily built before the foundation has been laid, it seems to be a little higher than other eight or nine storey buildings. But if we don’t hurry to remedy the situation, I’m afraid it will be difficult to continue to grow in the future, so we still have to learn more from Master Greg Tianshu and try to solidify this foundation.”

    What he didn’t expect was that Charlie wade would be so sure of himself in front of Wan Bajun, who had already entered the Dark Realm, and what he didn’t expect was that he, who had always been so calculating, could not help but feel a sense of moving in his heart that a man who knows himself would die for him.

    Thus, he clasped his hands together and said respectfully, “I am indebted to Master Wade and Hall Master Wan for their trust, and I will certainly spare no effort in this opening speech!”

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