Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5526

And just as they were talking, quite a few people behind them were shouting out for Mr. Wade.

    When several people turned around, they saw Charlie wade walking in with Wan Xiaojun, and the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, as well as members of the He family, were all bowing respectfully to Charlie wade in greeting.

    Charlie wade nodded to the crowd, and Aurora hurriedly waved towards Charlie wade, saying joyfully, “Master Wade!”

    Charlie wade smiled faintly at her, not noticing Akan Dew on the other side, but came directly to the three of them and asked with a smile, “How do you feel about this place? Is it still comfortable to live here?”

    “It’s quite good!” Aurora said with a smile, “The accommodation is good and the food is good too.”

    Then, she said to Charlie wade with a smile on her face, “Master Wade, we were discussing about the martial dao, just now Sister Xion said that we would get started a little faster after taking the pills you gave us, is that true?”

    Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “As long as you two master the method of running true qi and sinking your qi into the dantian, you will soon be able to jump straight up to the rank of a two-star, or even three-star martial artist.”

    Aurora added, “Just now Sister Xion also said that practising martial arts is like practising ventriloquism, it may seem difficult, but as long as you find the subtleties of it, you can get started.”

    “Yes.” Charlie wade smiled, “Xion is right, I believe that such a little mystery is not a problem for both of you.”

    After saying that, Charlie wade added, “The Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao that we are going to teach this time is the best and most comprehensive martial art that I know of, using it to build the foundation will definitely get twice the result with half the effort. You will definitely be able to achieve something.”

    The two of them nodded in ignorance, they had not yet entered the door of the martial dao, they did not know how precious the set of martial dao techniques, the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao”, really was.

    Charlie wade then said to Wan Bajun, who was beside him, “Bajun, you should also take this opportunity to learn the first chapter of the Taizen Mixed Yuan Dao, after you are familiar with the content of the first chapter, I will give you the subsequent content one after another. What is really suitable for you is the content of the second chapter of the Taizen Mixed Element Dao, with this heart method, you can look forward to the Transformation Realm or even the higher Sovereign Realm.”

    Wan Bajun was grateful and said respectfully, “Please don’t worry, Mr. Wade, my subordinate will do his best!”

    Wan Bajun knew the importance of martial arts mind techniques.

    If one were to compare martial arts to the subject of mathematics, then Julius Beck’s mind method was at most at the level of a 9-9-9 multiplication table. With a 9-9-9 multiplication table, it was impossible to learn functions, equations, calculus and so on, let alone those profound mathematical conjectures.

    With a mind like the Ninety-Nine Multiplication Table, it is difficult to cultivate to the Great Perfection of the Bright Realm, not to mention reaching the Dark Realm.

    Otherwise, Master would not have travelled around in the clouds looking for a breakthrough, and even went so far as to join the Broken Clear Society in order to do so.

    And Charlie wade had also told him through the bottom of his heart that the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao” had three volumes and twenty-seven chapters, which was the most comprehensive and detailed martial arts heart method. Although the first chapter of the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao” was not much of an upgrade in level compared to Julius Beck’s heart method, it was after all a systematic set of knowledge, and only by using it to build a foundation and then combining it with the gradually improving content later on could one learn more profound points of knowledge.

    While Charlie wade was talking to a few people, Greg Abbott, dressed in a grey daoist robe, stepped into the practice hall.

    As soon as Greg Abbott appeared, many students immediately stopped talking and their eyes gathered on this immortal old man.

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