Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5525

Xion Banks’s words made Cai Cai Zi and Aurora understand in an instant where the mystery and threshold of the martial path lies.

    People can see everything in the world, they can feel everything around them, but they cannot feel their inner self.

    According to Xion Banks’s words, as long as one could break the shackles of external perception and truly master the method of “internal peeping”, one would be able to feel the existence of meridians and dantian.

    At that time, together with a complete martial arts heart method, they would be able to learn how to move their qi through the dantian and break through the meridians.

    Thinking of this, the two of them grew in confidence and were just waiting for the official start of the class so that they could truly comprehend the mysteries of martial arts under Greg Abbott’s teachings.

    Aurora was full of confidence at this moment, clenching her pink fist and saying firmly, “I must become a real martial artist, I absolutely cannot disgrace Master Wade!”

    If only one of us succeeds in becoming a martial artist, we will have lived up to Charlie wadejun’s expectations, and if I don’t make it, I don’t have to worry, at least you’ll be there.”

    Aurora quickly said, “No, Nai Nai Zi, I still want you to back me up, after all, your martial arts attainment is much better than mine.

    Xion Banks at the side was slightly stunned, and then laughed, “Since Aurora has taken the elixir given by Grandmaster wade, it is at least as good as other people’s hard training for several years, with this foundation, you will definitely be able to start, don’t worry!”

    Aurora suddenly understood and said with a smile, “I’m grounded when Xion says that.”

    After saying that, she looked at Cai Cai Zi and smiled broadly, “Cai Cai Zi, Master Wade is so caring, he must have given you pills too, right?”

    She couldn’t help but think of the time when she was seriously injured in Kyoto, when Charlie wade suddenly appeared on a snowy night, saved her and helped her to heal her injuries.

    To this day, Nana still feels that the snowy night in Kyoto was the happiest moment in her life, bar none.

    When Aurora saw that Nana-chan was actually blushing, she asked her gossipingly, “Nana-chan, did Master Wade make a special trip to Japan to deliver the medicine to you at first?”

    Nana-chan said shamefacedly, “No, Charlie wadejun went to Japan on an errand and delivered medicine to me by the way.”

    Aurora laughed cheekily, “I guess the errand was a lie, the medicine delivery was the real thing.”

    Nana-chan’s cheeks turned red and she stammered, “This this I don’t know”

    Not far behind the three women, Akan Dew, who was dressed in the same practice clothes as they were, took in the conversation between the three.

    From a short distance away she quietly looked at the three women and was surprised to find that each of them was more beautiful than the other, especially the Japanese girl called Nana-chan, who was unbelievably beautiful.

    What surprised her even more was that these few people, all of whom seemed to be Charlie wade’s confidants, talked about him with more or less blushing and anticipation in their expressions.

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