Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5524

This was originally a lecture hall at the Champs Elysees Spa Hotel used exclusively for group client meetings and could accommodate hundreds of people at the same time, but now it has been completely emptied and has become the main training hall for this martial arts training.

    Inside the training hall, the original podium of over 100 square metres has been removed and replaced by an oversized ring of equal size.

    This will be the main venue for future students to spar with each other and even to receive martial arts instruction from their master.

    In front of the ring, there was a practice area made entirely of solid wood flooring, where more than a hundred futons had been placed in a regular manner, on which the students would sit while listening to the lessons.

    Ito Nanaeko and Aurora were so excited that they didn’t sleep much all night.

    Both were keen on martial arts, but had never had the opportunity to learn the real way of martial arts.

    All practitioners of external martial arts dream of mastering true qi, so that they can cultivate both inside and outside, and these two were naturally no exception.

    But while they were excited, they were also very apprehensive. After all, neither of them had ever really practised martial arts, and they didn’t know how to move their qi through the dantian and break through the meridians, so they were afraid they wouldn’t be able to find the trick.

    Just when the two of them were unsure, Xion Banks came to them and asked with a smile, “Miss Ito and Miss Aurora, why are you two looking so sad?”

    “Xion!” When the two saw Xion Banks, their apprehensive hearts eased slightly, Aurora sighed and said, “Xion, Nana-chan and I are especially afraid now that we won’t be able to enter the sect, how long did it take you to get started in the first place?”

    Xion Banks thought about it and said, “It took about a year from the time I started cultivating until I could really see the existence of the meridians and dantian internally, and then it took about a year to be able to run true qi from the meridians to the dantian, so that adds up to three years.”

    “Three years?!” Aurora was instantly disappointed to the core and lamented, “This training is said to be six months at most, then I’m afraid that Nai Nai Zi and I won’t even be able to get started in time”

    “How is that possible.” Xion Banks said with a smile, “With the talent you two have, I think it will definitely be no problem.”

    Ito Nana-chan said with a smile, “We are just afraid now that we don’t have that ability to spy inside, this is also very much about talent, right?”

    Xion Banks thought about it and spoke, “How do you say internal peeping, it is not as subtle as it sounds, as if you can really see inside your own body, in fact it is a kind of senses, ordinary people’s senses are external, the outside world, wind and sun, hot and cold, dry and wet, all can be intuitively perceived through the senses, but true qi operation, on the other hand, is inside the body, so first of all you have to build up your own internal senses, this feeling can only be understood but not communicated, once you find the doorway, it is possible that you can master the mystery in one day.”

    Saying that, Xion Banks added: “This feeling is exactly the same as the feeling ordinary people get when they watch someone speak ventriloquism, I wonder if you have any knowledge of ventriloquism?”

    Nana-chan subconsciously said, “I’ve seen it on TV, it seems that you can use your abdomen to make sounds to speak, is that right?”

    “Pretty much.” Xion Banks said, “It’s actually a special articulation technique, only, this technique is very different from the way ordinary people speak, they have to adjust their breath through their abdomen, this is very similar to the feeling of martial arts training, ordinary people will find it unbelievable when they see ventriloquism, because they don’t understand how a person can use their abdomen to make a sound, moreover, if no one teaches the technique just by figuring it out on their own, then out of 10,000 people, not even one person might be able to figure out the true mystery of ventriloquism;”

    “But for those who really understand the principles of vocalisation, ventriloquism is at their fingertips, just as it is difficult for ordinary people to understand and work out for themselves how to use their dantian and meridians to run their true qi;”

    “Or if I put it more simply, it is like riding a bicycle, before the bicycle was invented, no one could imagine that a bicycle with two wheels could be ridden and balanced at the same time, and when learning to ride a bicycle, it is also difficult to find the point that makes the bicycle balanced;”

    “But this situation is often like a layer of window paper, if you can’t find the doorway, you won’t be able to poke through it for the rest of your life, but if you do find the doorway, it’s just a moment’s work to have an epiphany!”

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