Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5523

The medicinal effect of one Spring Return Pill was very strong when used on ordinary people, even if one Spring Return Pill was distributed to Grandma’s family, it was still enough to make each of them feel that their bodies had improved considerably.

    In addition, Charlie wade also used some spiritual energy when he set up the formation, when the spiritual energy assisted the medicinal power of the Spring Return Pill, its overall effect was much stronger than the medicinal effect of one Spring Return Pill.

    However, Charlie wade did not want Grandma’s family to notice the abnormality, so he deliberately used this formation to assist and used the spiritual qi to slowly control the release of the medicinal power of the Spring Return Pill.

    In this way, people living here could be nourished by the subtle spiritual energy and medicinal effects every day, and as long as it lasted for a few days, it would give people a feeling of being much lighter, and if they lived longer, many of the difficult and complicated illnesses would also be very much improved.

    This formation will continue to operate for at least a month or two. If Grandpa and Grandma stay in this environment for more than a week, they will develop a feeling that the more they stay here, the more comfortable they will become, and their health will slowly improve.

    This is what people often say, the moistening of the body is silent.

    After this was done, Charlie wade left together with Greg Abbott and Akan Dew, the master and disciple, to say goodbye.

    On the way out, Charlie wade urged Greg Abbott, “Master Greg, it is just as well that your Tai Chen Daoists have all come to Aurous Hill, so when my grandparents arrive, you should ask Miss Dew to select some martial arts experts from Tai Chen Dao and come to the Man Liu Villa to look after their safety for me.”

    Without thinking, Greg Abbott said, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, I will explain it clearly to Dew.”

    “Good.” Charlie wade nodded, and before he got into the car, he added, “If there is any news of my grandmother and the others arriving in Aurous Hill, remember to notify me at the first opportunity.”

    Greg Abbott busily said, “Okay Master Wade.”

    After saying that, Greg Abbott hurried up and asked respectfully, “Master Wade, over at Champs-Elysees, the class will start at eight o’clock tomorrow morning sharp, do you want to come over and say a few words to everyone?”

    Charlie wade smiled faintly, “I have prepared some meet and greet gifts for the students, so I won’t go through the whole speech addressing those falsehoods, in addition, I will be at Champs-Elysees on time tomorrow to have a glimpse of Master Greg’s teaching and education.”

    Greg Abbott was flattered, but at the same time, he said with some trepidation, “Master Wade, you have praised me too much, how can I dare to teach and educate people, I am just passing on what I have learned over the years.”

    Charlie wade laughed, “Master Greg does not need to be modest, the martial arts is called the Dao precisely because it is so vast and profound that it is far beyond human comprehension, in your opinion, what you are teaching is insights, but in the eyes of those students, what you are teaching is the Dao of thousands.”

    After saying that, he looked at the time and said to Greg Abbott, “Master Greg Tianshu, it is getting late today, go back and get some rest, we will see you tomorrow morning.”

    Greg Abbott respectfully said, “Okay Master Wade, see you tomorrow morning.”

    The following day, all the martial artists attending the Champs-Elysees martial arts training, except for Akan Dew, woke up early in their rooms at the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel.

    The trainees’ restaurant served breakfast from 6am until 7.30am.

    After the trainees had finished their meals, they were to arrive at the training hall at 7.40am sharp.

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