Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5522

The people who came to Aurous Hill this time were the housekeepers and more than 20 staff members of the An family.

    Their task was to find a suitable property and to purchase it before renovating it.

    After ascertaining that no immediate family members of the An family were present, Greg Abbott sent a message to Charlie wade, informing him of the situation.

    Charlie wade also replied quickly, saying that he would be there soon.

    Greg Abbott then said to the butler, “Oh yes, I have a disciple who is quite knowledgeable in the secret art of feng shui, I will ask him to come over together later to take a look, the two of them will be able to make up for each other’s mistakes and fill in the gaps together, they will definitely be able to look at the situation more comprehensively.”

    Without hesitation, the steward said, “That’s really great, thank you, Master Greg!”

    Greg Abbott smiled faintly and waved his hand, “I should, I should.”

    Charlie wade soon drove up to the main entrance of Wan Liu Villa, and he deliberately put on a pair of masks to completely cover half of his face to prevent being recognised.

    But fortunately for these underlings of the An family, they didn’t know much about Charlie wade or Bruce wade, and with Charlie wade wearing a mask, it was all the more reason why no one would connect the two.

    When Charlie wade saw Greg Abbott, he pretended to call out to his master with respect.

    Although Greg Abbott felt unable to accept this great salute, he could only nod stiffly in order to take care of business.

    Afterwards, he called Charlie wade to the side and gave a general description of the layout of the six villas.

    Charlie wade didn’t need to guess to know that his grandparents would definitely live in the middle set of villas. He probably looked at the feng shui of the place, which on the whole sat north to south, with water in front and mountains at the back, which would be helpful for fortune and career.

    It is just that no feng shui is perfect. Some feng shui bases are good for wealth and power, others for children and grandchildren, others for studies or peach blossom, and still others for physical and mental state.

    However, it is naturally unlikely that one would want all the various characteristics to be strong.

    Although this place is good for wealth and career, there is little else that stands out.

    Living here, although the body will not be harmed by feng shui, it is also difficult to get much help from feng shui.

    Although Charlie wade’s grandfather had recovered from a serious illness, his dementia had not been relieved. If he could find a feng shui site that was good for his health, his illness would slowly go into remission without the need for medicine or treatment.

    If we can find a feng shui site that is conducive to good health, we will be able to get rid of her illness without medication or treatment.

    However, this kind of feng shui is not something that can be achieved by just adjusting some of the decorations.

    This kind of feng shui bureau also requires a very high level of surrounding environment.

    Naturally, Charlie wade did not have the time to specifically change the overall environment of this place, but he did come up with a good solution, which was to use the records on formations in the Nine Mysterious Heavenly Scriptures to set up a small formation in this house.

    He then hid a Spring Return Pill in the ceiling of the villa’s living room when no one was looking.

    He then used a small amount of spiritual energy to set up a formation around the Spring Return Pill. Once this formation started to operate, it would release the medicinal power of the Spring Return Pill evenly and slowly, at that time, anyone who was inside the formation would be able to invisibly absorb the medicinal power of the Spring Return Pill. If Grandpa lived here, it would not take long for the symptoms of Alzheimer’s to be greatly relieved, or even completely cured.

    Although Charlie wade had once complained in his heart about how harshly Grandpa had treated his father back then, since he had heard about what had happened to him before, Charlie wade also had a little more sympathy for the old man.

    Moreover, Charlie wade did not want him to forget his parents one day, and at the same time, he hoped that he would still remember himself when he identified with the An family in the future

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