Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5520

Charlie wade’s grandmother had always believed in feng shui, and the fact that the An family had gone through many trials and tribulations during this period of time, but all of them had turned out to be lucky, made her feel that the heavens had been very kind to the An family, so when the family went to Aurous Hill, she paid even more attention to feng shui.

    It so happened that Greg Abbott had been in Aurous Hill, so she thought that before she left for Aurous Hill, she would ask Greg Abbott to look at the feng shui of the new house.

    Greg Abbott had great respect for Charlie wade’s grandmother and would not refuse this request, not to mention the fact that Charlie wade was involved, so he was obliged to do so.

    When Charlie wade’s grandmother saw that Greg Abbott had readily agreed, she couldn’t help but thank him, “Then thank you, Master Greg! This matter will not affect Master Greg’s original plan, right?”

    Greg Abbott laughed, “Old Madam An, I am not going to lie to you, I am already planning to settle in Aurous Hill for a long time, even the entire Tai Zhen Dao has been moved over by me.”

    “Is that so?” Charlie wade’s grandmother asked in surprise, “Why has Heavenly Master Greg suddenly made such a major decision?”

    Greg Abbott said, “The environment in Aurous Hill is more suitable for those of us in the martial arts to cultivate, and I also believe that all the disciples of the Tai Chen Dao will be able to make different levels of breakthroughs here.”

    Charlie wade’s grandmother smiled and said, “That’s really great, we might take quite a long time with us this time to Aurous Hill as well.”

    Greg Abbott smiled, “Old Lady An, Tai Chen Dao now has over two hundred sects in Aurous Hill, if you have any needs, just ask.”

    Charlie wade’s grandmother smiled and said, “Then I will thank Heavenly Master Greg in advance.”

    Greg Abbott was busy saying, “Old Lady An and Greg need not be polite, any time you need Greg to do anything, all you need to do is say the word and Greg will definitely do his best!”

    After saying that, he added, “By the way, Madam An, you should have someone send me the address of the new residence, I will go there now to take a look.”

    Charlie wade’s grandmother hurriedly said, “Yes, Master Greg, I’ll have someone send you the address!”

    After a burst of thanks, Charlie wade’s grandmother ordered someone to send the address to Greg Abbott.

    Greg Abbott looked at the address, which was called Wan Liu Villa, and handed his phone to Akan Dew, urging, “Dew, navigate to this place first.”

    After Akan Dew entered the address into the navigation, he said in surprise, “Master, this place is very close to the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel!”

    When Greg Abbott heard this, he hurriedly looked at the navigation screen and found that the distance between Wan Liu Villa and the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring was only a few mountains away, and the straight-line distance was not even two kilometres.

    He said in astonishment, “This is too close”

    On the side, Akan Dew put the large map, looked at the road information on the map and said, “Master, the straight line distance is quite close, but both places are cut-off roads, so if you really want to drive there from Champs-Elysees, there is still a distance.”

    Saying that, she reset the navigation, setting the Wanliu Villa as the destination and the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel as the starting point, and the navigation quickly calculated the route, which was about five kilometres.

    After Greg Abbott saw the route, he was slightly relieved, he knew that Charlie wade was not going to identify with the An family yet, if it was really close, I was afraid that Charlie wade would also be at risk of being exposed.

    But the good thing was that both Wan Liu Villa and the Champs Elysees Spa Hotel were built on a mountain, and the two places were separated by several mountains, so it was very difficult to walk, and ordinary people would not choose such a road. As for driving, after all, it was five kilometres away, and the Champs Elysees Spa Hotel was currently not open to the public, so I thought that privacy could be guaranteed enough.

    So he asked Akan Dew to pull over first, while he himself hurriedly got out of the car, walked to a deserted place and called Charlie wade.

    Once the call came through, he hurriedly said attentively, “Master Wade, my subordinate has just received a call from your grandmother, and she said on the phone that your great-uncle has asked the housekeeper to buy a property in Aurous Hill, and now the An family has started preparing to rush to Aurous Hill.”

    Charlie wade was slightly stunned, but quickly returned to normal, he had known for a long time that his grandmother’s family was coming to Aurous Hill, so he was not really surprised to hear this news.

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