Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5517

  Saying that, Charlie wade then pointed at Greg Abbott and said to Akan Dew, “How about this, let your master go with you to meet the disciples of Tai Zhen Dao today first, to pacify them and let them get familiar with Aurous Hill properly during this period of time, as for the position of Sect Leader, since you don’t want to be it for the time being, you should still let your master take the title.”

  Greg Abbott said awkwardly, “Master Wade, there is no problem with titling the position of Sect Leader, but I have no idea how to explain to the disciples of Tai Zhen Dao how to move them to Aurous Hill. ……”

  Charlie wade laughed: “This is also simple, your Tai Zhen Dao’s previous level of secrecy about the Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao should still be very high, after all, before you passed the throne to Miss Dew, she hadn’t even touched the full Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao, so after you went to meet the Tai Zhen Dao disciples today, tell them that you recently happened to get some of the back content of the Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao and are doing some sorting out and familiarizing yourself with it, so go ahead and pass on to them all of that Tai Zhen Dao’s set of Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao without reservation, and let them cultivate it properly during this period of time;”

  ”At the same time, I also promise them that after this period of time, when they are familiar with the first chapter of the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao, and you have almost finished sorting out and studying the content of the latter, then I will pass on the latter content to them, so that they will have something to do in front of them and have a future, then they will definitely give it their all.”

  Greg Abbott was slightly stunned and asked in astonishment, “Master Wade …… you really agree to let my subordinate pass on the contents of the second chapter of the Taizhen Mixed Dao to all the disciples of the Taizhen Dao?”

  In Greg Abbott’s opinion, the martial arts heart method was extremely precious, and the fact that Charlie wade had directly given himself the contents of the opening chapter of the second chapter at the beginning had already flattered him, but he did not expect that Charlie wade would even allow himself to pass on this opening chapter to the disciples of the Tai Zhen Dao, which was really too significant for the Tai Zhen Dao, after all, the Tai Zhen Dao had only passed on the first chapter for over a thousand years.

  Charlie wade did not care in the slightest about the content of the second chapter of the Taizen Mixed Dao, whether he passed it on to Greg Abbott or to the Taizen Dao, it did not matter to him, after all, the second chapter was very much at the front of the primary content in the entire Taizen Mixed Dao.

  What’s more, his own intention now was to use a bit of the subsequent content of the “Taizhen Mixed Yuan Dao” to temporarily stabilise the entire Taizhen Dao, so that the upper and lower levels of the Taizhen Dao could settle down in Aurous Hill without fear.

  As for whether the follow-up of the Tai Zhen Dao could be used for himself, Charlie wade felt that as long as he could make Greg Abbott and Akan Dew obey his words, he had already succeeded most of the way.

  Akan Dew was also very excited at this moment, not realising that although Charlie wade did not explicitly want to take Tai Chen Dao under his disciples for the time being, he had graciously taken out the subsequent heart method of Tai Chen Mixed Dao, directly giving himself a perfect transition plan, so that in a short time, he would not have to worry about how to appease the disciples of Tai Chen Dao.

  At this time, Charlie wade added: “Miss Dew, during this period, you can come here to listen to your master’s lectures, you can learn more about the content of the Taizen Mixed Dao by following him, and after you have mastered this content, you can then pass it on to the other disciples of the Taizen Dao, this will also enhance your influence in the Taizen Dao, when the overall strength of the Taizen Dao grows, and you can be recognized by all the disciples When the time comes, I will naturally consider the things you say.”

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