Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5516

Charlie wade did not really know much about the Tai Chen Dao.

  However, this sect had managed to grow to a size of over two hundred people, and from this alone, it could be considered worthy of its thousands of years of heritage.

  But then again, although there were many disciples in Tai Zhen Dao, the ceiling of Greg Abbott was here, which showed that the overall strength of Tai Zhen Dao would not be too strong, and it was estimated that Greg Abbott was the only one who was at the Great Perfection of Ming Realm. There are not many of them.

  If he simply wanted to join his own disciples, Charlie wade would naturally be happy to do so, after all, there were more than two hundred martial artists who had submitted to him, and those who were above five-star martial artists could be used to expand their strength on paper.

  However, the problem was that Akan Dew wanted to bring Tai Zhen Dao under his tutelage, not to serve himself wholeheartedly, but to exchange their subservience and labour with himself in exchange for equal or even unequal value, in order to be able to enhance their strength in the martial arts.

  So based on this, Charlie wade surmised that even if he took the Tai Chen Dao under his tutelage, the Tai Chen Dao might not really work well.

  Compared to the likes of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall and the He family, the loyalty was bound to be far worse.

  It would still take a long way to get it to reach the kind of loyalty that the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall had.

  Thinking for a moment, Charlie wade said to Akan Dew, “Miss Dew, your master, Master Greg Tianshu, has now resolved to serve me, and starting tomorrow, he will be teaching at the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring, and for the next few months, I am afraid that it will be difficult to divide his energy, so under such circumstances, it is indeed unsuitable for him to serve as the head of Tai Zhen Dao anymore.”

  Akan Dew hurriedly said, “Mr Wade, I can take over as the head of Tai Zhen Dao, I just hope that you can give Tai Zhen Dao a chance!”

  Charlie wade nodded his head and spoke, “If Tai Chen Dao really wants to come under my tutelage, it is not impossible.”

  As soon as Akan Dew heard this, his expression instantly became excited.

  However, Charlie wade turned his words around and said seriously, “But not yet.”

  Akan Dew asked, “Mr. Wade, I wonder what concerns you have?”

  Charlie wade said indifferently, “Of the two hundred or so people in the Tai Chen Dao, I only know your master and you two, and I don’t have any knowledge of the Tai Chen Dao, and there is no real point in taking it under my tutelage.”

  Seeing Akan Dew’s expression instantly darken again, Charlie wade then said, “Of course, you don’t have to feel disappointed about this, there is an old Chinese saying that if you come here, you will be safe, it is not easy to move your family, let alone the fact that your whole sect has moved from far away to Aurous Hill, this must take a long time to gradually adapt, since you have already brought all of Tai Zhen Dao, if you really want to to join my sect, why don’t you first help your master settle the entire Tai Zhen Dao down and let them get used to the environment in Aurous Hill first.”

  Akan Dew pursed her lips and nodded gently.

  The fact that Charlie wade did not reject her completely was already very rare for her.

  Otherwise, in case Charlie wade refused outright, and Master Greg Abbott was unwilling to care about the death of Tai Chen Dao, then she would really be stuck here, riding a tiger.

  In desperation, Akan Dew could only say respectfully, “Mr. Wade, Dew understands what you mean, don’t worry, I will do my best to pacify the disciples of Tai Zhen Dao, and at the same time, I will also find a way to let them adapt to the environment of Aurous Hill as soon as possible.”

  Charlie wade nodded and asked her, “Where is the hotel your father bought for you?”

  Akan Dew replied, “Back to Mr. Wade, the hotel my father bought is in a resort hotel in the southern suburbs of Aurous Hill.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade said, “The suburbs are relatively more relaxed and the resort hotel should also have a larger venue, so so many people staying there shouldn’t be too boring.”

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