Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5515

  And on top of that, she was also very apprehensive in her heart, not knowing whether she would be able to get what she wanted this time when she came to Aurous Hill.

  Hearing her call herself a junior, Charlie wade said indifferently, “Miss Dew should be slightly older than me, so there is no need to call yourself a junior.”

  Akan Dew hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade, the master, his old man, even calls himself a subordinate in front of you, I am his personal disciple, so I am naturally a junior in front of you ……”

  Charlie wade smiled slightly and teased, “Miss Dew seems to be quite polite this time when we meet than last time.”

  Akan Dew said awkwardly, “Last time it was the junior who was presumptuous, please don’t mind Mr. Wade ……”

  Charlie wade nodded and said casually, “I heard that Miss Dew has already brought all the people from Tai Zhen Dao to Aurous Hill?”

  ”Yes……” Akan Dew said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, a total of two hundred and seventeen people from the Tai Zhen Dao have all arrived in Aurous Hill today…… “

  After saying this, Akan Dew did not cover up and went straight to the point: “Mr. Wade, the reason my junior has come to Aurous Hill this time is to implore you to take Tai Zhen Dao under your tutelage for the sake of his master’s face ……”

  Charlie wade asked curiously, “Why is it for the sake of your master’s face? Hasn’t he already passed on the position of Sect Leader to you?”

  Without thinking, Akan Dew blurted out, “Back to Mr. Wade, after my junior went back and thought about this matter carefully, I felt that I could not take over the position of the Tai Zhen Dao Sect Leader no matter what, so I took it upon myself to give it up.”

  ”Gave up?” Charlie wade looked surprised, looked at Akan Dew and then at the depressed Greg Abbott, and asked curiously, “This can also be given up? Haven’t you all already gone through the process of passing on the throne?”

  Akan Dew said seriously, “Mr. Wade, that time the passing of the throne was not done because the token of the sect was incomplete, so it could not be done.”

  Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “I see, last time, although Master Greg Tian Shi passed the position of Sect Leader to you, you regretted it after you returned.”

  Akan Dew: “Yes.”

  Charlie wade asked her, “Then how did you explain to the disciples of Tai Chen Dao after you went back?”

  Akan Dew said, “Back to Mr. Wade, after I went back, I showed the master’s token given to me by my master to the core members of Tai Zhen Dao, and then told them that it was the master’s order for all members of Tai Zhen Dao to move to Aurous Hill as soon as possible …… When they saw the master’s token, they did not have any doubts about what my junior had said ……”

  In his heart, Charlie wade was quite appreciative of this tawdry operation of Akan Dew, then looked at Greg Abbott and said with a serious face, “Heavenly Master Greg, you wanted to pass on the throne to Miss Dew, but Miss Dew said that she gave up, then from the basic logic of inheritance, you are still the head of Tai Zhen Dao now.”

  On the side, Greg Abbott said helplessly, “Master Wade, I originally thought that after passing the throne to Dew, I would be able to serve you in peace, but I really didn’t expect that there would still be such a thing, it’s really unfortunate for the division ……”

  Speaking here, he not only sighed lamentably and said, “Mainly last time when passing on the throne, subordinate also out of trust in Dew, did not think of leaving any evidence, now Dew this girl suddenly reversed herself, caused subordinate is also caught off guard ……”

  Charlie wade smiled slightly, looked at Akan Dew and asked her, “Since Miss Dew is not willing to take over the position of Sect Leader, then why did she take it upon herself to move the entire Tai Zhen Dao to Aurous Hill?”

  Akan Dew’s expression was awe-inspiring as she hurriedly said, “Back to Mr. Wade, junior knows that you are a person of great divine power, and Tai Zhen Dao has not seen much development in recent centuries, so junior hopes that Tai Zhen Dao can rise to a higher level with your help, so she took it upon herself to move Tai Zhen Dao here …… If you If you are willing to take Tai Zhen Dao under your command, the entire Tai Zhen Dao will definitely remember your kindness and will definitely look up to you in the future!”

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