Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5514

“Pfft ……”

  Hearing Greg Abbott’s words, Akan Dew suddenly burst out in uncontrollable laughter.

  When Greg Abbott heard Akan Dew’s laughter, his face turned red with anger and he questioned repeatedly, “What are you laughing at? Is it so funny?”

  Akan Dew saw that Greg Abbott’s eyes were about to kill, so she hurriedly forced herself to hold back her laughter and bowed her head, “Sorry, Master, I really couldn’t hold back ……”

  After saying that, she added in a serious manner, “But compared to you, I am still a bit lucky, although Mr. Wade has also sealed my meridians, but at least it didn’t make my cultivation level regress ……”

  Greg Abbott rubbed his temples and waved his hand, “Forget it, once you see Grandmaster Wade, you can tell him the truth about the causes and consequences! I’ll also make a statement to Master Wade, starting tomorrow, the training here will be officially launched, and I will show my attitude with practical actions then.”

  Akan Dew nodded and asked him, “Master, what about the other disciples of Tai Zhen Dao? They are all still waiting for you.”

  Greg Abbott said helplessly, “I don’t know what to do about this issue …… It’s better to meet Master Wade and let him decide ……”

  Akan Dew said without thinking, “Good, I will listen to you, Master.”

  Greg Abbott gave her a depressed look, then said, “Dew, you and I agreed this time, if Mr. Wade is willing to accept Tai Zhen Dao, then you must take over the position of Tai Zhen Dao’s Sect Master, at that time I will pass the position to you in front of all Tai Zhen Dao’s disciples, but you must never mention the matter of the Medicine Cauldron again in the future, do you promise?”

  Akan Dew agreed without hesitation and said, “Yes Master, as long as you can get Mr. Wade to take Tai Zhen Dao under his wing, I will take the black pot of both the Sect Head and the Pill Cauldron for you!”

  Greg Abbott sighed in relief, “Good! You said it!”

  Soon after, Akan Dew was guided by Greg Abbott to the Mid-Mountain Villa by taking the Pan Mountain Road.

  Right now, the entire Mid-levels Villa had all been bought back, and there was and is only Charlie wade in the large villa complex.

  When the two arrived outside Charlie wade’s villa, the courtyard door was already open.

  The two men got out of the car and stepped into the courtyard, and the main door of the villa was wide open at the moment.

  When Greg Abbott arrived at the door, he did not dare to enter directly, but stood outside the door and knocked, asking, “Are you here, Master Wade? My subordinate Greg Abbott and my inferior disciple Akan Dew would like to see you ……”

  Hearing that Greg Abbott had given himself the title of inferior disciple, Akan Dew wrinkled his nose at him, which Greg Abbott pretended not to see and twisted his face to the side.

  The two had known each other for many years, and Greg Abbott had long regarded Akan Dew as his goddaughter, and he knew that Akan Dew had a foul and hard temper, but he had gotten used to it over the years.

  Charlie wade was packing up the oral liquid filling equipment in the living room. Compared to the fully automatic filling line of Jiu Xuan Pharmaceuticals, the semi-automatic production line that only counterfeiters would buy was much less technically advanced, and the filling was not a big problem, but the encapsulation left a pile of trimmings.

  When he heard Greg Abbott begging to see him, he casually said to come in.

  Only then did Greg Abbott and Akan Dew, master and disciple, step into the living room and see Charlie wade tinkering with something in front of the filling equipment. The two looked at each other and it was Greg Abbott who spoke first, “Master Wade, Dew is here.”

  Charlie wade lifted his head, looked at Akan Dew who looked nervous and said with a smile, “Miss Dew, we meet again.”

  Akan Dew could not help but stammer a little and said, “Hello Mr. Wade …… Wade! My junior, Akan Dew, has met Mr. Wade!”

  Akan Dew’s heart had been racing since before she entered the door, and she was nervous inside.

  This was mainly because, knowing that she had been very presumptuous in front of Charlie wade last time, she was inevitably ashamed in her heart when she came to see Charlie wade again now.

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