Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5513

  Akan Dew pursued the question, “What is it?”

  Greg Abbott lowered his head and said in a disheartened manner, “At first, Grandmaster Wade intended to let me join him and obey him, moreover, Grandmaster Wade also gave me an elixir with great sincerity, which allowed me to break through to the Ming Realm Great Perfection directly ……”

  ”Ming Realm Great Perfection?!” Akan Dew exclaimed, “Master …… you …… are already at the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm? Why didn’t I hear you talk about it last time?”

  ”Ahem ……,” Greg Abbott said incomparably embarrassed, “Before you didn’t come that time, I had indeed reached the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm, at that time Master Wade wanted me to take out the martial arts heart method of the Tai Zhen Dao, I I thought that Master Wade wanted to pry into the core secrets of the Tai Zhen Dao, so I politely turned Master Wade down on the pretext that I could not be ashamed of my master ……”

  Akan Dew asked in confusion, “What does this have to do with your cultivation level?”

  ”Hey, it has a lot to do with ……” Greg Abbott sighed, “When I politely refused Master Wade at that time, I did have a bit of a villain’s heart, although I was given Master Wade’s chance, but after all, I have been the master for so many years, so let I thought that I should not be too obedient to Master Wade, and that it would be best if he could see that I still had a lot of attachments to Tai Chen Tao in my heart. …”

  ”No Master ……” Akan Dew said in awe, “You just said that it was Mr. Wade who gave you an elixir that helped you break through to the Ming realm of great perfection, but you ate the elixir given by Mr. Wade and yet you don’t want to work for Mr. Wade, isn’t this what people often call a white whoring?”

  Greg Abbott said with a black face, “What do you mean by “white whoring” …… Dew, girls should not speak so harshly, OK ……”

  Akan Dew said seriously: “Master, I speak from the heart, although I do not know what kind of elixir Mr. Wade gave you, and I do not know why it can have such a strong effect, can directly help you break through to the Ming realm of great success, but I can say a fair word, since the potency of this elixir is so powerful, then it must be worth a lot of money, perhaps worth hundreds of millions of dollars! “

  The reason for this is because I am your disciple so I can’t say anything too harsh, otherwise if you were to let outsiders comment, I’m afraid it would be a hundred times worse than white whoring …… “

  The first thing you can do is to take a look at the website. “

  Saying that, he waved his hand and said glumly, “How about discussing the immediate form, and how to explain to Master Wade when we meet him later?”

  Akan Dew shook his head, “Master, you haven’t explained to me, what does all this have to do with your cultivation level?”

  Greg Abbott said glumly, “Don’t mention it, it’s because I wanted to be white …… oh no, it’s because I still had Tai Zhen Dao in my heart and angered Master Wade, so Master Wade sealed my meridians, just like what happened to you last time, and it’s okay for you there, Master Wade just helped you first from a five star Martial artist broke through to the Ming realm Great Perfection, then sealed you back to a five star martial artist, I was miserable that time …… Master Wade directly sealed four of my meridians, hardening me from a Ming realm Great Perfection martial artist, to a four star martial artist …… “

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