Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5512

Akan Dew’s words left Greg Abbott speechless for a moment.

  In fact, Greg Abbott knew very well that even though he had worked hard and diligently for the whole Tai Chen Dao over the past decades, he still could not shake off the pot of losing the ancestral medicine pot.

  After all, it was a treasure that had been handed down for thousands of years and had been passed down for 39 generations, so it would have been fine if it had been lost silently.

  However, the bad thing is that he, his own senior disciple, has already known about the pill censer. If this really gets out, then he will become the sinner of the sect for a thousand years.

  Therefore, Akan Dew was unwilling to take the blame for Greg Abbott, which he could understand in his own heart.

  It was just that the situation at hand was really tricky for him. Akan Dew had denied the identity of the 40th Sect Leader, so there was no doubt that he would still be the Sect Leader in the eyes of the 200-odd people up and down Tai Zhen Dao.

  The training on Charlie wade’s side is about to start, and Akan Dew has brought more than two hundred Tai Zhen Dao disciples to Aurous Hill, so how can he be busy?

  More importantly, how should I explain this to Charlie wade?

  The depressed Greg Abbott could not help but complain, “Dew, let’s talk about this matter properly, you just said you don’t want to be the Sect Leader, your reasons are reasonable, I can understand, but since you don’t want to be the Sect Leader, why didn’t you tell me directly? Not only did you not inform me, but you also brought the entire Tai Zhen Dao team to Aurous Hill in the name of your master without asking for my permission, which is not appropriate, right?”

  Akan Dew said, “Master, you are the head of Tai Zhen Dao, but you have left Tai Zhen Dao behind and stayed in Aurous Hill alone, all the brothers and uncles have been waiting for you to return. For example, there is nothing wrong for my mother to remarry, it is a personal choice, but there must be a proper arrangement for the children at home, right? If you just leave them behind, there’s nothing wrong with the children coming to you!”

  As soon as Greg Abbott heard this, he knew he couldn’t say anything to Akan Dew, so he could only sit on the passenger seat and sigh in frustration: “Dew, Dew, you’ve screwed me over ……”

  Akan Dew asked him, “Master, there is one thing that I have not been able to understand.”

  Greg Abbott sighed, “Ai, what haven’t you figured out?”

  Akan Dew said, “Master, I know that Mr. Wade is very powerful and I also know that you must be eager to receive guidance from Mr. Wade, but there is no need for you to give up your position as the head of the Tai Zhen Dao, right? If I were to tell them straight away that I want the whole Tai Zhen Dao to be under Mr Wade’s name, I am afraid that some of them would still be reluctant to agree out of their own arrogance, but if you were to step in, they would not dare to say anything, and the matter would be settled. Why do you have to pass on the title to your disciple?”

  Greg Abbott lamented, “In the end, this matter is just one wrong step and one wrong step.”

  As he said, Greg Abbott’s face was inevitably a bit ashamed as he said, “As I told you before, the reason why I lost the Medicine Cauldron was mainly due to my own impure motives, in fact, there is another thing here that I did not tell you ……”

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