Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5511

  ”I’ll go to ……” Greg Abbott blurted out, “You’re not telling them that it was my idea to move Tai Zhen Dao to Aurous Hill, are you?”

  Akan Dew nodded, “Yes! That’s what I said, and only you have this influence and appeal, otherwise, how could they be so obedient and hurry up to pack up their things and follow them here?”

  ”I ……” Greg Abbott wanted to cry, “Dew, Dew, you’re really a pitiful man! You used my name to trick them into coming here, but I’m not the head of Tai Chen Dao anymore, how are you going to explain this to them?”

  Akan Dew said in a serious manner, “Master, why should I explain to them? You should be the one to give an explanation.”

  ”Me?!” Greg Abbott became anxious and blurted out, “What the hell do I have to explain to them? I’m not even the head of Tai Chen Tao anymore.”

  Akan Dew asked, “Master, if you are not the Sect Leader, then who is?”

  After saying that, she didn’t wait for Greg Abbott to say anything, so she said directly and categorically, “I don’t care who is the Sect Leader, I am not anyway.”

  Greg Abbott blew his beard and glared, “How can you not be! I’ve already passed on the title to you, and I’ve passed on to you the relics of the Sect and the entire book of the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao, so you are the 40th Sect Leader of the Tai Zhen Dao! You’re the fortieth head of the Tai Chen Dao! You can’t turn your back on me now, can you Dew?”

  Akan Dew said with a serious expression, “Master, if you had given me the ancestral medicinal tripod of the Tai Zhen Dao, I would have endured it, but the point is that you didn’t give me the medicinal tripod, and the medicinal tripod that has been handed down to all the successive sect heads of the Tai Zhen Dao has somehow disappeared. I wouldn’t dare to take the blame!”

  At this point, Akan Dew added, “Therefore, Master, I am here today not only to pay my respects to Mr. Wade, but also to make a statement to you, that you are still the 39th Sect Leader of Tai Zhen Dao, and that your disciples, as well as the more than 200 people up and down Tai Zhen Dao, all obey your orders! We’re all waiting for you to come over and say a few words, mainly because we don’t know why you’re asking everyone to move to Aurous Hill.”

  Greg Abbott was on the verge of collapse and said without tears, “What the hell is going on here ……? I swore to Grandmaster Wade that I had nothing to do with Tai Zhen Dao anymore, and now you’re giving me this, how am I going to explain this to Grandmaster Wade ……”

  Akan Dew shrugged his shoulders, “Master, there is nothing I can do about this ……”

  Greg Abbott suddenly remembered something and hurriedly asked after him, “Then what did you say to Master Wade when you went to see him today? You said before that you wanted to bring the entire Tai Zhen Dao under his tutelage, and now you say that you are not the Sect Master, so how will you explain to Master Wade later?”

  Akan Dew said, “Master, when I meet with Mr. Wade, I will naturally give a truthful account, and at the same time, I will also make my attitude clear to Mr. Wade, telling him that I personally hope to join him, but it is not yet known whether Mr. Wade will find it acceptable. Wouldn’t it be a matter of your word?”

  Greg Abbott said atmospherically, “Dew, you are a young man who does not speak of martial virtue! You are setting me up for injustice! If Mr. Wade says that I am a slave of two surnames again, where can I put my face?”

  Akan Dew said indignantly, “Master, it was you who wanted to pass on the title of Sect Leader to me, and you deliberately did not tell me about the Medicine Cauldron and wanted me to be the one who was wronged, I have not even said that you have set me up for injustice!”

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