Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5510

  After the oral liquid was filled, Charlie wade stored it temporarily at the Mid-Levels Villa, while he himself intended to drive back to the city.

  Unexpectedly, he was about to go out when he received a phone call from Greg Abbott. On the other end of the line, Greg Abbott said respectfully, “Master Wade …… subordinate has something to report to you, I wonder if I will disturb you?”

  Charlie wade said casually, “What is it that Master Greg Tianshu has to say?”

  Greg Abbott said, “Back to Master Wade …… that great disciple of mine, Akan Dew, has arrived in Aurous Hill with more than two hundred people from above and below the Tai Zhen Dao ……”

  ”Is that so?” Charlie wade smiled and asked, “What time did they arrive?”

  Greg Abbott busily said, “Back to Master Wade, Dew just called me, they also just landed at the hotel, and the first thing they did after landing was to call me, wanting me to make an appointment for her to meet you.”

  Seeing that it was still early, Charlie wade said blandly, “You tell her to come to Champs-Elysees to look for you, then you can bring her to meet me at the Mid-Levels Villa, tell her that she can only come by herself, other members of Tai Chen Tao, I won’t see them.”

  Greg Abbott busily said, “Okay Master Wade, my subordinate will tell her right now!”


  About forty minutes later.

  A dusty Akan Dew drove to the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel.

  Before coming to Aurous Hill this time, Akan Dew had already asked his father to help prepare for everything.

  Originally, Akan Dew’s father did not want her to move the whole Tai Zhen Dao to Aurous Hill.

  She forced her father to accept her decision and provide her and the entire Tai Chen Tao with babysitting services.

  Not only did Akan Dew’s father purchase a four-star hotel in Aurous Hill for Tai Zhen Dao as a base for the whole of Tai Zhen Dao, he also sent one of his own inner circle from the US with a full management team to take over the entire operation and management of the hotel.

  The reason for going to such great lengths was to provide his daughter and the members of Tai Chen Tao with impeccable service, as well as to make the members of Tai Chen Tao more comfortable in this hotel.

  In addition, he also injected US$50 million into this four-star hotel. To put it bluntly, this money is the operating fund he gave to Tai Zhen Dao, and the hotel management team used this money to allocate multiple vehicles to Tai Zhen Dao and prepare a large amount of living supplies, and the rest of the money was used for their living expenses.

  The Mercedes g63 that Akan Dew drove to the Champs Elysees Spa Hotel was the current car that her father had arranged for his men to put forward directly from the 4s shop only yesterday with an additional 800,000.

  As there was still a mountain road from the Champs Elysees Spa Hotel to the Mid-Levels Villa, Greg Abbott waited at the entrance directly after learning that Akan Dew was driving over, and when Akan Dew arrived, he directly got into the passenger seat and directed Akan Dew to drive up the mountain.

  On the way up the mountain, Greg Abbott asked her, “Dew, how did you communicate with your brothers and uncles in Tai Chen Tao? How come they all agreed to come with you so quickly?”

  In fact, Greg Abbott’s subtext was that Akan Dew had just taken over as the head of the sect, and in just a few days’ time, she might not be able to get the entire Tai Zhen Dao team to accept her as the head of the sect, let alone be convinced and obey her.

  Akan Dew was no fool and she said, “Master, I didn’t tell them that you had passed the headship on to me.”

  Greg Abbott was surprised and asked, “Ah? You didn’t tell them?”

Akan Dew bristled, “Why should I say it …… if I did, how could I still pull them?”

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