Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5509

As the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall arrived one after another, the He family, led by Xion Banks, also reported to the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel together.

  Ito Nanae and Aurora also travelled on the same day and were placed in the same group as Xion Banks.

  Moreover, as the three reported for duty very close to each other, their rooms were all next to each other.

  Don Albert had reserved rooms next to each other for himself and Isaac Cameron early on because of the convenience he had.

  The reason why they had to live next to each other was that they both knew very well that, on the one hand, they had a good relationship and were familiar with each other, and on the other hand, they were probably the only novices in this training who did not have any martial arts foundation, so they lived closer together so that they could usually communicate more and even report to each other for warmth.

  In the words of Don Albert, the bottom two in any class are good friends.

  This is an eternal truth.

  In the case of both him and Isaac Cameron, the same applied.

  When the trainees arrived, Charlie wade planned to leave them another day to familiarise themselves with the environment, after which the class would officially begin.

  And while these trainees were familiarising themselves with the environment, Charlie wade purchased a simple set of oral liquid filling equipment from the internet and pulled this equipment to the mid-level villa at Champs Elysees Spa.

  At this moment, he was like a counterfeit medicine vendor, operating that set of equipment to continuously fill a kind of trivial oral liquid that did not have any trademark or logo, and did not even have a production date.

  There are various forms of medicines for use, among which oral and injectable are the most common, and among oral medicines, the form of oral liquid is actually not very common.

  However, Charlie wade’s intention in pounding out the oral liquid this time was to incorporate all the enhanced version of the Blood Dispersing and Heart Saving Pill that he had refined last time into water and then fill it into oral preparations of ten millilitres each.

  This batch of oral preparation contained about one tenth of an Enhanced Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill per ten millilitres of liquid.

  According to Charlie wade’s planning, this batch of oral liquid was to be given to all the trainees attending the training after the official start of the course to ensure that they had one in their hands, and the rest would be used as rewards for the top students in the next few examinations.

  Originally, Charlie wade had also moved the idea of using pills to train a group of martial arts masters.

  However, for Charlie wade, there were two major obstacles to refining pills, one being the large consumption of his own spiritual energy, and the other, the fact that precious herbs were sometimes difficult to obtain.

  For the several pills Charlie wade was making now, except for the Blood Dissipation and Heart Salvation Pill, the other pills had more or less one or two precious herbs that could not be found.

  Although it was simple to refine the Blood Dissipation Heart Saving Pill, Charlie wade could not just refine as much as he wanted to. The spiritual energy in his body was all replenished by the Pei Yuan Dan, which was not in unlimited supply, so he could not recklessly squander his spiritual energy to refine the Blood Dissipation Heart Saving Pill in large quantities.

  Other than that, just one Blood Dissipating Heart Saving Pill for each of the hundred or so students would tire him to death.

  However, Greg Abbott’s Pill Cauldron had helped Charlie wade a great deal.

  Not only was the pill cauldron able to increase the efficacy of the medicine, it was also able to sublimate it, increasing the actual refining efficiency by at least five times.

  In this way, it was able to greatly reduce Charlie wade’s own cost of action as well as the cost of his aura.

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