Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5508

  Today, Don Albert is already at the Champs-Elysées Spa, acting as the director of the admissions office.

  In order to do a good job of welcoming the new students, Don Albert had made sufficient preparations. He had not only prepared complete daily necessities for each student, but had also prepared uniform practice clothes and study stationery for everyone.

  The uniforms chosen by Don Albert were very well made and made of good materials, and were very comfortable to wear.

  In order to emphasise consistency, Don Albert had a gingko leaf embroidered on the left side of the chest.

  The reason for choosing the ginkgo leaf embroidery was due to two considerations.

  One was naturally based on Charlie wade’s surname, while the other was based on the characteristics of Chinese culture.

  If he had to choose a leaf to represent the unified culture of China, Don Albert felt that nothing could be more suitable than the ginkgo leaf.

  The overall feeling of this Tai Chi suit with the embroidered ginkgo leaves is indeed very characteristic of the Chinese culture.

  Apart from registering new students and issuing supplies, Don Albert also took on the responsibility of arranging the grouping of students and their bedrooms.

  The Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel has hundreds of rooms, so accommodation for these trainees was very generous and achievable, with each one having a separate room.

  Don Albert also followed Charlie wade’s instructions and divided the guest room area of the spa hotel into two separate bedrooms for men and women.

  As males made up the majority of the trainees, the guest rooms in the ordinary deluxe rooms were then all allocated to male trainees for their bedrooms, while those in the deluxe suites were all allocated to female trainees.

  The male and female dormitory rooms had been renumbered and allocated according to the order of registration.

  Don Albert also followed Charlie wade’s request and grouped the trainees in groups of 10 according to the order of the trainee numbers registered at the time of registration. Since the instructor in charge of teaching was only Greg Abbott, there was no division of these trainees into classes, and the overall class structure was one class and more than ten groups.

  Ever since Greg Abbott understood what was at stake, he had been determined to serve Charlie wade and follow his lead.

  Therefore, he did not skimp on the ancestral Tai Chen Dao’s “Tai Chen Mixed Dao” this time, but directly printed out the first chapter of all eight chapters of the lesson plan he had prepared, and whenever a student came to report, he handed over this prepared textbook to the student.

  The reason he only gave the first chapter was not that he still had reservations, but that he had taught so many disciples in Tai Chen Tao and knew very well in his heart the habits of most people in practising kung fu.

  Once all the content was given to them, then they would definitely not be able to control their impulses and learn in private beyond the first chapter, and sometimes when the course had just gone on to the first chapter, many students had already started to practice the second chapter or even the eighth chapter in secret.

  For talented students, this is not a problem, but for the majority of students who need a solid foundation, this will only distract their energy and disrupt their rhythm.

  In order to give the trainees something to look forward to, Greg Abbott deliberately marked the first chapter in the title of the textbook, and also put three words in brackets after the first chapter: eight chapters in total.

  When the trainees first received this Heart Method, they saw that there was not much content and thought that it was another incomplete Heart Method, but when they saw that there were eight chapters, they immediately realised that the length of this Heart Method should be longer than any Heart Method they had ever come across.

  Even the Heart Method handed down by Julius Beck, Wan Bajun’s master, did not have such a large length.

  This immediately made all the trainees unconsciously excited…

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