Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5507

Xion Banks understood Charlie wade’s meaning.

  Although eight-star martial artists were already extremely rare, this was only one of the stops on Charlie wade’s fast train, and she was lucky enough to board this train and did not have much time to enjoy the scenery at this stop, because my train would soon continue to the next stop.

  And the next stop for myself was the Ming Realm Grand Perfection!

  Xion Banks knew that after saying too many words of gratitude, in front of the favour Charlie wade had given herself, saying more would already pale in comparison, so she knelt down on one knee, clasped her fists tightly, and said with her eyes firmly incomparable, “Mr Wade, Xion will do her best!”

  Charlie wade nodded with a smile on his face.

  Lord He, who was at the side, was already red in the eyes with excitement.

  He heard the meaning of Charlie wade’s words and knew that Xion Banks’s cultivation would continue to rise next, and since Xion Banks was still very young now, if he had Charlie wade’s constant promotion, it wouldn’t be long before he could enter the dark realm that the ancestors of the He family had not even dared to think about for hundreds of years!

  In the past, for martial artists like Lord He, the Dark Realm was the ultimate realm that was unattainable.

  Although there were still the Realm of Transformation and the Realm of Sovereign, in his perception, these two realms were already beyond the reach of human beings, and to reach the Dark Realm was already the end of the martial path, and an end that was almost unreachable.

  Now, however, Xion Banks had arrived at the doorstep of the Dark Realm.


  The following day, the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall who had tossed and turned from all over the world to come to Aurous Hill began to arrive one after another.

  Some of them flew directly from the surrounding countries to Aurous Hill, while others flew to the surrounding cities first and then chose other means of transportation to arrive in Aurous Hill.

  The reason why he was so cautious was that Charlie wade was not sure whether any of the three remaining Earls of the Qing Breaking Society were in the country at the moment.

  If they were not, it would be fine, but if they were, he would be suspicious when he found a large number of martial artists in a concentrated manner, and once these martial artists of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall were targeted by the other side, they would easily be followed by the other side to the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel.

  And Charlie wade’s caution was not just an empty argument.

  At this moment, the strongest of the four Earls of the Qing Breaking Association, Uncle Jaro, was searching around Eascliff for Lin Wan’er’s whereabouts.

  In the last video conference, Lord Ying had given him a new order, which was to go to Aurous Hill to find the whereabouts of Bruce wade and An Cheng Qing’s only son, find him, and then kill him.

  However, this task still had to be prioritised behind the search for Lin Wan’er, and her ring.

  Apart from that, Uncle Jaro was not interested in the task of finding and killing Charlie wade; in his view, both Bruce wade and An Chengqin were already dead souls under him, and there was no point in killing the sons of two defeated men after twenty years themselves.

  What’s more, even if he succeeded in finding and killing Charlie wade, it would not be a great achievement in the Qing Breaking Society, unlike Lin Wan’er, who meant a lot to Lord Ying.

  Therefore, the search for Charlie wade was far less rewarding than the search for Lin Wan’er and her ring.

  It was precisely for this reason that Uncle Jaro was in no hurry to travel to Aurous Hill.

  He had set himself a point in time, if he could not find Lin Wan’er’s whereabouts in Eascliff by September 1, then he would set off for Aurous Hill, to find Charlie wade’s trail.

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