Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5506

  At this moment, Charlie wade smiled slightly and spoke, “Master He is old, there is no need to be so polite with me.”

  Lord He arched his hand towards Charlie wade and said, “Mr. Wade, Xion is still in seclusion, and Ying Xiu and Zayne are also out of Aurous Hill, so their family of three could not come to greet you, I also hope you do not mind.”

  Charlie wade nodded and asked him, “Auntie He went out with Zayne Banks?”

  ”Yes.” Lord He said, “The two of them left for their honeymoon in Europe a few days ago and will not be back until a few days later.”

  Saying that, Lord He added, “Xion is still in the basement in seclusion, so I haven’t had the time to inform her yet.”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Then please ask Elder to arrange for someone to call Xion, I have something I want to talk to you and Xion about today.”

  ”No problem!” Lord He immediately called for one of his grandchildren and instructed, “Go and call Xion to the living room, and tell him that Mr. Wade is here!”

  After saying that, Lord He respectfully said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, please move to the living room!”


  Charlie wade entered the living room with Lord He and the rest of the He family, and the radiant Xion Banks also ran up from the basement with quick steps.

  When she saw Charlie wade, she was excited and said with extra respect, “Hello Mr. Wade!”

  Charlie wade smiled blandly and asked her, “How has your cultivation been consolidated recently?”

  Xion Banks busily said, “Back to Mr. Wade, Xion has been in seclusion these days, not daring to delay for a moment!”

  Charlie wade nodded and said to Lord He, “Old Master, there are some things I would like to talk to you and Xion about in private, I wonder if it’s convenient?”

  ”Convenient, of course it’s convenient!” Lord He agreed without thinking and then said, “Mr. Wade, please move to the study!”

  Charlie wade nodded slightly and then went to the old man’s study with Lord He and Xion Banks.

  After taking his seat in the study, Charlie wade told the two of them of his intentions.

  Although the old master had already left it to Xion Banks to decide on the big and small affairs of the He family, Charlie wade still gave him the respect he deserved and let him participate in the decision.

  When the old man heard that there was such a good opportunity, he was naturally thrilled beyond addition.

  The He family had been guarding a fragmented martial arts heart for hundreds of years, so naturally he knew the importance of this opportunity, and the fact that Charlie wade was willing to allow everyone in the He family to participate made the old man’s entire being weep with gratitude.

  He could hardly hold himself back as he knelt in front of Charlie wade and choked with gratitude, “Mr. Wade, the kindness you have shown to the He family, I’m afraid the He family won’t be able to repay it in several lifetimes ……”

  Charlie wade reached out to help him up and said indifferently, “The He family was willing to come from the Extreme Cold Land to Aurous Hill to serve me back then, so naturally I, Charlie wade, would not treat the entire He family, young and old, dozens of people, this time, I hope that the He family can produce a few competitive descendants, preferably a few five-star martial artists.”

  Lord He immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, I will definitely explain to the children and grandchildren of the He family that they must give their all!”

  Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction, and then looked at Xion Banks at the side, but he did not expect Xion Banks’s soft eyes to be staring at him as well, and when the four eyes met, there was not only love and respect in Xion Banks’s eyes, but also a bit of girlish delicacy.

  Charlie wade looked at her and asked, “Xion, how does it feel like your eight-star martial artist foundation has been consolidated?”

  Xion Banks said respectfully, “Mr. Wade …… Xion is still in the process of consolidating, but thanks to your blessing, her cultivation has increased so quickly that she still has some instability in her foundation ……”

  Charlie wade gave a hmph and said indifferently, “There is not much time left for you.”

  Xion Banks was surprised and asked, “Mr. Wade, what do you mean by that?”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Within the first month of the start of the training, I will help you to raise to the Ming realm of great perfection, if you don’t take the time to consolidate your cultivation as an eight-star martial artist, I’m afraid that if you want to experience this process again in the future, you will never have the chance again!”

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