Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5505

“The end is near?”

  Hearing those four words, Lin Wan’er shook her head with a smile and said in a self-deprecating manner, “Those dead soldiers as well as the Primus Guards are just the bottom of the Broken Qing Society, not even the middle.”

  The real core of the Qing Breaking Association, the real backbone, is actually the Governor of the Five Armies, as well as the governor’s inner circle. Who knows how many experts are sitting in the Five Armies Governor’s Office!”

  ”Moreover, no one knows how many masters there are around Lord Ying, even more so, although there are still three of the Four Great Counts left, the Four Great Counts are only the four top masters released from Lord Ying’s side, I’m afraid only Lord Ying himself knows whether there are still masters around Lord Ying whose strength is comparable to the Four Great Counts.”

  ”Therefore, even if all the dead soldiers and primus guards were all turned against them, the strength of the Broken Qing Society should still not be underestimated.”

  Old Zhang nodded and said respectfully, “Miss is right, it is my old slave who is too optimistic ……”

  Lin Wan’er smiled, “It’s okay to be optimistic, after all, this should be the biggest crisis that the Broken Qing Society has faced since its inception, Charlie wade didn’t just destroy one of the Broken Qing Society’s dead soldiers’ quarters, he is converting all the strength of this dead soldiers’ quarters into his own power, this situation of the enemy’s elimination and my growth is very advantageous to him, if he can play it safe in the shadows and continue to take on the Broken Qing Society If he can continue to break down the Qing Breakers one by one, I believe it won’t be long before he has the strength to face the Qing Breakers head on, and the complete elimination of the Qing Breakers is just around the corner!”

  Old Zhang sighed, “I hope this Mr. Wade will really be as good as you expect him to be!”

  ”He will.” Lin Wan’er smiled faintly, and then, with her left hand on her right sleeve, she studied some ink in the inkstone and asked him with a sideways smile, “Do you have anything else to report? If not, I will continue to paint, I want to finish this painting before school starts.”

  Old Zhang said, “Miss, old slave has nothing else to report, if you have no other orders, old slave will leave now.”

  Lin Wan’er nodded and smiled, “Fine, go down first, don’t have any more contact with the informants in the next few days, I am afraid that Lord Ying will take this opportunity to purge the inner circle, in this kind of situation where the whole group is silent, anyone who is still in contact with the outside world will be too easy to be caught out.”

  Old Zhang immediately said, “Yes Miss, from now on, old slave will no longer have any contact with the informants, and will wait for your notice on everything.”

  ”Good.” Lin Wan’er nodded, “Go, and also go tell Lao Qiu that I want some fresh flower cakes, have someone go to Yunnan and buy some back.”

  Old Zhang bowed and said, “Yes, Miss, old slave will go and say hello to Old Qiu, old slave will leave now!”

  After Old Zhang left, Lin Wan’er looked at the painting in front of her and couldn’t help but murmur softly, “Mr. Wade, after I finish this painting, you and I will almost meet again!”


  At this moment, Charlie wade was driving past the Purple Mountain.

  He had left Shangri-la Palace and intended to make a trip to the He family.

  He wanted to invite all of the He family to attend the training this time, so that they could also take this opportunity to improve their overall strength.

  Little did he know that the mysterious girl he had saved was at the top of Purple Mountain, which was less than two kilometres away from him in a straight line, at the moment.

  When Charlie wade arrived at the He family, the entire He family came out to greet him.

  The old man, Lord He, walked in the front and came to Charlie wade, kneeling on one knee and saying respectfully, “I didn’t know that Mr. Wade was coming to the He family today, so I hope that Mr. Wade will forgive me for not being able to welcome you!”

  To Charlie wade, Lord He’s heart was a million times more grateful.

  He was so grateful to Charlie wade because he had saved Xion Banks, cured He Yingxiu, fulfilled He Yingxiu’s marriage to Zayne Banks, and given the He family so many opportunities.

  More importantly, he had actually brought Xion Banks, step by step, to the height of an eight-star martial artist.

  This was unprecedented in the history of the He family.

  Therefore, in Lord He’s eyes, Charlie wade was almost as good as a god.

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