Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5504

 Old Zhang was puzzled: “How is this …… possible …… The dead soldiers and primus guards, although they hate the Qing Breaking Society the most, they are also the least likely to betray it, the poison in their bodies is simply uncured, if they betray If they betrayed Lord Ying, they, and their families, would surely die in a matter of days! How could they possibly do such a thing of certain death?”

  Lin Wan’er suddenly became excited and blurted out, “You’re right! The lack of an antidote is the core key to everyone not daring to betray the Broken Qing Society …… unless ……”

  Saying that, Lin Wan’er seriously said, “Unless someone is able to cure the poison of the Qing Breaking Society!”

  Speaking here, Lin Wan’er said with immense joy, “Charlie wade once told those primus guards who came to capture me that day that he had a way to dissolve the severe poison in their bodies! It seems that he wasn’t lying!”

  ”This ……” Old Zhang asked in disbelief, “Miss …… Breaking the Qing Society’s severe poison, no one has been able to cure it even after centuries of inheritance! …… that Charlie wade, is he really that capable?”

  Lin Wan’er emotions have calmed down, said with a smile: “Everything is difficult, but most have the moment to make substantial progress, just like tens of thousands of years of human history have not been able to fly, until the birth of the aeroplane, everything will be logical up, smallpox ravaged human history for thousands of years, the ancients feel that it is incurable, but since the day the vaccine was invented, this virus is not But since the day the vaccine was invented, hasn’t this virus been successfully cracked by mankind and even completely exterminated?”

  Speaking here, Lin Wan’er said with a smile, “Think about it from another perspective, the Broken Qing Society’s virulent poison has remained uncured throughout its four hundred years of history, and after four hundred years have passed, it’s time for it to be cracked!”

  Lin Wan’er gave a slight pause and continued, “More importantly, not only can Charlie wade cure the poison, but he can cure it for thousands of people! This will definitely make that Lord Ying nervous to the point where he can’t sleep at night!”

  Old Zhang instantly became excited, his whole body trembling with excitement, “That’s great…… really great…… if…… if it’s really like what you said, Miss If …… it’s really like what you said …… then …… the Qing Breakers will soon be completely dismantled …… other than that, those dead soldiers and primus guards, who have been enslaved and controlled by the Qing Breakers for generations, once they have the antidote, they will definitely not hesitate to take it. Once they have the antidote, they will not hesitate to fight the Qing Breaking Society to the end! As long as the antidote can be given to them, the centuries-old foundation of the Qing Breaking Society will be completely gone!”

  ”Yes!” Lin Wan’er laughed, “The Qing Breaking Society’s method of controlling the dead soldiers is a double-edged sword that can kill a thousand enemies while also injuring a few thousand, as long as no one can break their severe poison, these dead soldiers not only dare not make a move, but also have no chance to do so, whoever wants to make a move, the Qing Breaking Society can simply cut off their antidote and the soldiers will be bloodless;”

  ”Once they have the chance to cure the poison in their bodies, they will be the first to declare war on the Qing Breaking Association when the old grudges and new grudges of generations are piled up!

  ”Therefore, whoever grasps the method to break the poison will have a stranglehold on the throat of the Qing Breaking Society!”

  Speaking here, Lin Wan’er sighed, “I guess Lord Ying also realised this and was afraid of exposing the other dead soldiers’ quarters and subsequently being turned against them as a whole, which is why he stopped all actions of the dead soldiers!”

  Old Zhang agreed and asked, “Miss, this Mr. Wade is very powerful, if we can really work with him to dig out all the dead soldiers’ quarters and turn them back one by one, the Qing Breakers will be at the end of their rope!”

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