Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5503

“Cyprus?” Lin Wan’er asked in surprise, “The Broken Qing Society had dead soldiers stationed there before?”

  ”Yes Miss.” Old Zhang nodded gently and said respectfully, “This time, the Ying Master of the Qing Breaking Association directly announced the process of the overthrow of the dead soldiers’ quarters in Cyprus!”

  ”It is said that the other side first slaughtered the entire members of the Deadman’s Quarters, including over a thousand Deadmen and their families, as well as hundreds of Snapdragon Guards and their relatives;”

  ”In addition to this, the other side also killed hundreds of primus inter pares and nearly a thousand of their families in a copper refinery in Turkey, the next level up from the Deadman’s quarters!”

  ”Then the other side set up a net in the dead soldiers’ quarters in Cyprus and used extremely powerful and fast-firing close-in guns to kill Jordan Bojun!”

  ”The British Lord is now asking all middle ranking and above personnel to go on the highest state of alert, and at the same time ordering the suspension of all outside operations of the Broken Qing Society, even the contact between the personnel stationed abroad and the Broken Qing Society has been temporarily interrupted!”

  Lin Wan’er asked in horror, “Is this true?!”

  Old Zhang bowed his body and said reverently, “Miss, it’s true!”

  Lin Wan’er was immediately overjoyed and said, “Good! That’s really good!”

  Old Zhang couldn’t help but say, “Miss, I don’t understand one thing.”

  Lin Wan’er said, “Speak.”

  The Qing Breaking Society’s dead soldiers’ quarters are top secret, and the dead soldiers’ quarters are so large and heavily guarded that in addition to the dead soldiers and primus guards, there are also sectional ambassadors of the Dark Realm and above. This …… is too unbelievable ……”

  In Lin Wan’er’s mind, Charlie wade’s appearance suddenly came to mind, and she couldn’t help but say, “I think I probably know what kind of person did this.”

  After saying that, Lin Wan’er said with some doubts, “But …… this kind of violent and cruel method doesn’t seem like his style!”

  Old Zhang pondered for a moment and opened his mouth to ask: “Miss, does it mean that …… is the Mr. Charlie wade who saved us as you said before?”

  Lin Wan’er frowned: “When you said that Uncle Jordan Bojun was killed, I had thought that it might be him, but you said that those dead soldiers, primus guards and their relatives, several thousand people were all slaughtered, I think this is definitely not something he could do! Besides, I saw him in Aurous Hill the other day.”

  Old Zhang asked her, “Miss, do you mean that there was someone else who killed Jordan Bojun Bo and destroyed the dead soldiers’ quarters of the Qing Breaking Society?”

  Lin Wan’er said seriously, “This is only one possibility, there is another possibility, and that is: behind this matter, it is indeed Charlie wade who is in charge, but the one who killed Jordan Bojun Bo should not be Charlie wade himself.”

  Old Zhang was surprised and asked, “Miss, but didn’t you just say that this method of slaughtering thousands of people was not like his style?”

  ”Yes!” Lin Wan’er nodded her head and said firmly, “So I think that Lord Ying is probably lying!”

  Old Zhang asked her, “Do you mean that this matter is a lie?”

  ”No.” Lin Wan’er said with certainty, “Since it is rumoured that Jordan Bojun Bo is dead, then he must really be dead, with such significant news, there is no reason for Lord Ying to deliberately lie to disturb the army’s mind.”

  After saying that, Lin Wan’er turned her words around, “However, that dead soldiers’ quarters in Cyprus, as well as that copper refinery in Turkey, from my point of view, perhaps it may not be as Lord Ying said, that they were all slaughtered out, on the contrary, I am more convinced that all the people there, have been turned by Charlie wade!”

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