Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5502

  ”Yes.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “If the planes are grounded, it means that the dead soldiers’ quarters will also stop sending missions, it seems that the death of that Earl has indeed made them very nervous, it seems that during this future period, there is no need to worry too much about the Broken Qing Society.”

  Charlie wade surmised that all of the Broken Clear Society’s residences should have all been closed up, while one of the four Earls had already died, of the other three, at least one of them had already started investigating Blackwater, while the remaining two, odds were that they were all looking for that Lin Wan Er and the ring that Lin Wan Er had given to herself.

  So, in this way, Charlie wade could also breathe a sigh of relief, at least, the safety of Grandparents’ family in this coming period could be greatly guaranteed.

  Afterwards, Charlie wade asked Wan Bajun, “Have all the generals selected to come to Aurous Hill for training left?”

  Wan Bajun said, “Back to Mr. Wade, this time, Wan Long Temple has selected nearly a hundred generals, who have already left one after another and are on their way over. Because they do not want to be focused on, they are all flying in batches to the major cities in China, as well as several surrounding countries, before they each transfer to come to Aurous Hill, and it is estimated that they will start arriving one after another this evening. “

  ”Good.” Charlie wade nodded and asked him, “Are they all absolutely reliable?”

  Wan Bajun immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, they are all martial artists who have gone through layers of selection and examination, carefully selected, stronger, more talented, and loyal to the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.”

  Charlie wade asked again, “What is the approximate strength of all these people?”

  Wan Bajun said, “Among them, the most powerful ones are the two great kings of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, Jerold and Lu Haotian, who had the honour of drinking your celebration wine in Mexico last time, and both of them have now entered the late stages of six-star martial artists, and are only one final step away from being seven-star martial artists.”

  Speaking here, Wan Bajun gave a slight beat and continued, “Apart from the two of them, among the remaining members of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, there are a number of five-star warriors as well as more than ten four-star martial artists, and the worst of them are also three-star martial artists.”

  Charlie wade nodded, hearing Wan Bajun say this, it seemed that these martial artists were basically all that the Wan Long Hall had at this level of martial artists.

  This time, the training must allow their strength to grow significantly, thus allowing the Wan Long Hall to make a big leap in its strength in the martial dao field.


  At this moment.

  In the top floor of the purple mountain manor’s special courtyard.

  The painting of the landscape in front of Lin Wan’er was already 80% complete.

  And with her brush, she was drawing an extraordinarily luxuriant big tree on the edge of the lake in the middle of those mountains.

  Once the tree was finished, she used a very fine brush to sketch the outline of a human body beneath it.

  Just then, a knock sounded at the gate outside the courtyard, and Old Zhang said respectfully from outside the courtyard, “Miss, Old Slave has something important to report!”

  Lin Wan’er frowned, gently put the brush down, walked to the door of the room and said indifferently, “Come in.”

  The wooden courtyard door was pushed open by Old Zhang, who entered the courtyard in a panic and trotted all the way to Lin Wan’er, saying respectfully, “Miss, Old Slave has just received a message that Jordan Bojun of the Broken Qing Society has been killed in Cyprus!”

  ”What?!” Lin Wan’er asked in shock, “You said that Jordan Bojun was killed? What kind of person could have killed him?”

  Old Zhang hurriedly said, “It is still unknown who did it, but the information Old Slave received said that the British Lord had informed all the middle ranking and above of the news, that Jordan Bojun was killed by someone using a close defense cannon, besides Jordan Bojun being killed, the dead soldiers’ quarters in Cyprus had also been completely destroyed!”

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