Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5501

Charlie wade had long known that it would be difficult to hide the clues of the near defense cannon, so he had deliberately let Wan Broken Army play a trick, and had programmed all the clues of the near defense cannon onto Blackwater’s head.

  Now, Blackwater’s top executives in the Middle East were disappearing one after another, so it must be because the Qing Breaking Society had already targeted them through the clues left behind by the Close Protection Cannon.

  At this moment, Wan Bajun said to Charlie wade with a respectful face, “Mr. Wade, the current intelligence received by my subordinates is that although Blackwater’s executives have been unaccounted for one after another, there is no sign that their bases have been infiltrated, these people were also all targeted while they were out and subsequently disappeared, it seems that the people of the Broken Clear Society have learned their lesson and do not dare to venture into modern military bases anymore. “

  Charlie wade nodded and smiled, “It’s a good thing that we can make them fearful, something like a close defense gun can stop them once, it may not stop them a second time, but as long as they are afraid in their hearts, it’s a good thing for us, in the future if we all really go to full scale war, they will definitely not dare to attack your bases in Syria rashly. “

  Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Wade, after a while, I will arrange for people to transplant the whole set of close defense artillery defense system to Syria, if they really come looking for it, it will be a good thing, we will take out as many as we can!”

  Charlie wade laughed: “Do you think they are all fools? The reason why the last Count died in Cyprus was because he didn’t have any foresight of the danger, you can tell by the way they are dealing with the Blackwater Group now, they don’t dare to approach the fortifications now, if they really set their eyes on the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple in the future, they will definitely not attack your base, instead they will probably wait for the top brass of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple to come out of the base from a long distance, and then wait for an opportunity to finish them off. You can’t go out and pull a close-in cannon everywhere, can you?”

  Wan Bajun nodded gently and said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, I understand what you mean. At the moment, they are not concerned about Wan Long Temple, but when they find out that the Black Water Company’s line of investigation does not yield any real results, they will definitely go back to the original point again.

  Charlie wade said with a smile, “For them, the successive attacks must have made them very nervous, in addition to that, they have lost a dead soldier station, even one of their four earls has already died, I presume that in the next period of time, except for the remaining three earls who will continue to operate outside, everyone else should enter a period of hibernation period.”

  Wan Bajun said, “Mr. Wade, I still have another piece of information that I didn’t have time to tell you, the airline company registered in Singapore of the Broken Qing Association recalled all the planes distributed in other countries and regions two days ago, and after these planes arrived in Singapore, they started routine maintenance, and at the same time they have ordered several brand new engines from General Electric to replace some of the older engines to replace them;”

  ”The ordering and replacement of aircraft engines is a very long process, and most airlines, even if they have such a need, are spaced out one by one to ensure that the majority of aircraft can operate normally, so I presume that they will not be flying any missions during this period, which is in line with what you have just said, that they may enter a period of hibernation .”

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