Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5500

  Nana-chan was surprised and asked, “Aurora will be there too? That’s great, I was afraid I wouldn’t know anyone there and wouldn’t even have someone to talk to, having her there will give me company!”

  Saying this, Nana-chan handed a teacup to Charlie wade and said with a smile, “Charlie wade-kun, please have some tea!”

  Charlie wade took the teacup and took a shallow sip. Before he could put the teacup down, he received a phone call from an unfamiliar number.

  He put the teacup back on the tea case, and after he picked up the phone, Wan Bajun’s voice came from the other end of the line, “Mr. Wade, my subordinates have arrived in Aurous Hill!”

  Charlie wade raised his eyebrows and asked him, “Broken Jun, when did you arrive?”

  ”Just arrived not long ago.” Wan Bajun said respectfully, “I quietly got off the cargo ship when it passed through the Suez Canal, changed three identities to come all the way here, rented a car after I got off the plane, and am on my way into the city.”

  Charlie wade asked him, “Where are the others?”

  Wan Bajun said, “Back to Mr. Wade, according to your instructions, all those involved in the Overthrow Nest plan, except for my subordinates, will not land for the next three to six months, they will keep drifting at sea following the cargo ship and return to Syria when the wind has passed.”

  After saying that, Wan Bajun added, “Right Mr. Wade, my subordinates have received some information during these days at sea and would like to report to you in person.”

  ”Good!” Charlie wade smiled with satisfaction, “You go to Shangri-la Palace to find Isaac Cameron first, I will come over later to meet you face to face.”

  Wan Bajun immediately said, “Okay Mr. Wade, my subordinates will wait for you at Shangri-la Palace!”

  When Charlie wade hung up the phone, Ito Nana-chan asked him with some reluctance, “Charlie wade-kun is leaving?”

  Charlie wade nodded: “There’s something important, I have to go to Shangri-la Palace.”

  Nanaeko Ito nodded understandingly, stood up and said, “Then I will see Charlie wade-kun down.”

  Charlie wade drank the tea in his cup in one go and smiled, “Come back next time to taste your handiwork.”

  Nana-chan smiled and said, “Anytime!”

  Twenty minutes later, Charlie wade drove to Shangri-la Palace.

  Isaac Cameron welcomed Charlie wade to his office, and then immediately excused himself and left.

  Wan Bajun got up and came to Charlie wade, bowed and said, “Mr. Wade, I am fortunate enough to be able to carry out your plan to overthrow the nest exactly as planned!”

  Charlie wade said approvingly, “Well done! Tell all the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Dragons Hall who took part in the plan that I will give them credit for it! When they return to Syria, I will definitely reward them heavily!”

  Wan Bajun was busy saying, “Mr. Wade, it is thanks to your foresight to formulate such a perfect plan at the same time, otherwise, just me and the generals would not have been a match for that person ……”

  Charlie wade waved his hand and said seriously, “Even a good plan needs a strong team to execute it, otherwise it would just be a paper plan.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade asked, “By the way, you just said on the phone that you had some information to report in person, what exactly is it?”

  Wan Bajun’s expression was austere as he said in a low voice, “Mr. Wade, in the past few days, almost all of Blackwater’s executives in the Middle East have disappeared, and many of them have been confirmed to have been abused and killed, and the several arms black markets around the Caspian Sea have also had arms dealers killed one after another these days. …”

  Charlie wade frowned and said in a cold voice, “It seems that the Broken Qing will start to investigate this matter!”

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