Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5499


  Nana-chan asked in surprise, “Is it the Chinese martial art, Charlie wade-kun is talking about?”

  ”Yes.” Charlie wade nodded, “The Chinese martial art of using true qi to open up the eight odd meridians.”

  Nana-chan froze, “Can I?”

  Saying that, she whispered somewhat downcastly, “Charlie wade-kun, I am not a Chinese after all ……”

  Charlie wade waved his hand and looked at Nana-chan and said seriously, “Chinese martial arts has long since taken root all over the world, many sects overseas have recruited foreign disciples, and the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall also has many foreign members, so you have nothing to worry about, if you are interested, I can arrange for you to participate.”

  Nana-chan hastily asked, “What kind of training is it? Is it training by Charlie wade-kun himself?”

  Charlie wade shook his head and laughed, “I don’t have that kind of skill, this time the training is being conducted by a former master of a martial arts sect in North America, and because it is teaching a martial arts technique from the beginning, it is very friendly to those who have not started.”

  Nana-chan said somewhat less confidently, “Charlie wade-kun, I have always practised Japanese martial arts and sparring. I’ve never been exposed to internal kung fu, so I’m afraid it will be difficult to learn it then, right?”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Don’t worry, with me here, there’s no way you won’t be able to learn.”

  In Charlie wade’s opinion, although the four of them, namely Nana-chan, Aurora, Don Albert and Isaac Cameron, had never come into contact with martial arts, Nana-chan was definitely the easiest one to begin with.

  She had trained hard in Japanese martial arts and sparring for so many years that she had already built up a strong physical foundation, and she had also taken the whole Spring Return Pill.

  Nana-chan didn’t think much about it at this point and happily agreed, saying, “Since Charlie wadejun has said so, then I will definitely practice hard! I won’t let Charlie wadejun down!”

  After saying that, she suddenly remembered something and asked, “Charlie wade-kun, I wonder how long this training will last?”

  Charlie wade thought about it, “I guess it will take at least six months, but you can leave anytime if you have something to do, so don’t worry if you fall behind in your progress, you can still come back and make up for it when you have time.”

  As soon as she heard that it would take at least six months, Nana-chan was even happier and said joyfully, “That’s really great! There’s nothing particularly important going on in the family these days, everything is being run by professional managers and the executive team, there’s a third-party team overseeing the audits, the operations and finances are reported on a weekly basis, so I can keep track of the business wherever I am, so I don’t need to go there myself most of the time and can stay in Aurous Hill for a while longer!”

  He is still very well known in Japan and once he goes back he will have to keep a low profile to avoid people finding out that he has recovered from his legs, but here he is not so psychologically burdened, usually when he goes out he just needs to dress up a little and put on a duck tongue hat, he will definitely not be recognised and his whole condition is much more relaxed.”

  ”That’s good.” Charlie wade nodded with relief and said, “Tell Mr. Ito that when the training starts, you may have to stay at the hot spring hotel in the suburbs most of the time, so it may not be practical to commute back and forth every day, but you can come back every other day. can look after each other.”

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